Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


7. Real

"ZAYN" I screamed as he came through my doors of my flat. 

"BECCA" he said mimicking me. We laughed and hugged each other.  He had a mini suitcase with him because he was staying for a couple days. 

"How is my long lost buddy?" He said playfully shoving me. 

"Eh that's what I'm here to talk to you about. But how are you?" I asked. 

"I'm good oh and I brought someone for you" he said smirking. Before I could even think jules popped in running me into a hug. 

"JULES BECCA" we screamed at the same time. I almost started crying because I haven't seen her in like forever. From there I put their bags upstairs and made them some tea. We all sat down on the couch as I spilled everything to them from what happened during the six months we were all away from each other. 

"Oh and last but not least, I've seen harry twice" zayn and Julia looked at each other for a second as Julia nodded. 

"Becca, before we actually came to your flat. Julia and I just walked around enjoying the city for a couple hours. And-and we saw him too." Zayn said looking into my eyes so truthfully. They have seen him too! IM NOT GOING CRAZY!!!!! 

"Y-you did?" I stuttered out. They both nodded.  Our faces were so confused. Maybe we have all been going crazy who knows. After when we all saw "that" I'm pretty sure we were scared for life. 

"I have a plan" Julia announced. 




The breeze of New York whipped my hair as I put on my ray bans. Our plan was going smoothly so far. But no spot of him  yet. I turned around on my heal to check the time on the huge clock on the sidewalk. 2:33. I turned back around to see the mop of curls. I turned to get Julia and Zayn's attention and they both saw him too. I swear to god if this isn't him. I'm gonna-gonna. Well I have no clue yet but it better be. Julia, Zayn, and I started walking closer and closer. We put up our hoods and made sure our glasses were on. Closer and closer I started getting more and more nervous. I can't believe this is possibility hi standing right there waiting for the walking light to turn on. My stomach turned as I was one step away from him pushing past people. His face turned towards me and I knew at that moment he was always alive. He is here and he was always. 





*****HES ALIVE******


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