Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


5. Illusions?

Niall and I sat down on the boat to New York City. I was still bewildered about what I saw. Was I just imagining. Could it have been him? Im not crazy. I swear his curly locks all big on his framed head. His attractive tattoos peeking out of his arm. It had to be.  

"Becca? Becca?" Niall said snapping me out of my thoughts. "Are you okay?" He asked  so sincere. Right then and there if broke down. I buried my head into his chest. Whatever he was wearing for cologne smelled amazing. Hehe. He wrapped his arms around me steadily.

"hey, hey, hey it's ok shhh" he cooed in my ear.  People around us gave us weird looks and some gave us sympathetic ones. With his hand, Niall lifted my chin up to meet his gaze. His thumb wiping my tear stained cheeks away also. "So, would you like to tell me what's going on?" He said more of a statement. I nodded and told him every single detail. From being taken to Harry possibly being gone forever. 

"And why haven't you told me this before?!" He exclaimed wrapping me in his arms again. 

"Because I would've been like this" I said referring to my crying seen before. 

"Eh well u have me, love" he said kissing my cheek. I smiled warmly. We got up to see the Statue of Liberty before it passed. I saw the green beauty standing tall as it always was. 

"Quick lets get a picture!" Niall said grabbing his phone from his pocket. I posed smiling widely with the statue right beside me. We both looked at it Smiling wide as he saved it as his Lockscreen. I decide to take a pic of Niall and I for my new Lockscreen instead of a simple green. We looked it laughing loudly. We made the goofiest faces in the picture. It was Instagram worthy haha.  


The boat docked and all of us passengers got off the boat. Niall and I held hands again taking in the sight. Tall buildings rose above us. Loud music was being pumped a little ways away. We smiled each other walking to Times Square. Shortly we came to bright lights, flashing cameras, and lots of people. Niall and I both took more pictures together and of the sight. We joined hands again walking around and going into stores. 


"This was so much fun! Thanks Niall" I said hugging him with all the bags in our hands tho, it was awkward. 

"No problem, babe" he cheekily said. I rolled my eyes still smiling wide. Then I saw him again. At least I think it was him. Harry. I'm pretty sure it isn't an illusion it couldn't be. He turned around just enough so I could see his face from across the street. He was with a crowd of people waiting to pass the street. His eyes met mine. He mouth came open as for his eyes were wide as ever. Then I heard the ding of the walking sign and a pool of people crossed the street making Harry disappear out of know where. I searched and found nothing. How could he just poof away? I guess it might be just an illusion.

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