Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


22. Finding Him

" call me if anything, please" Niall said hugging me tight. He kissed my hair before I let go. 

"Promise" I nodded to him. I made sure I had everything from my phone to my purse. I started my car thinking where Harry would be. His apartment? .. No. Zayn's?....nah. My apartment? Why would he go there?.  None of those! Wait- the pub. I pressed on the gas speeding to our local bar in the city. I've only ever been like once in my lifetime for stupid reasons. I made it there as fast as I could. I got a couple honks along the way and people yelling through there windows saying to watch out or slow down. As soon as I got there I slammed my car shut- making me jump at the sound. All Star was written across the bar top trying to attract people. I went up to the metal door pushing the handle with both my hands.  My eyes adjusted to the dark strobe light area. The smell of alcohol burned my nose. Sweaty bodies were crowding the dance floor dancing away. They were obviously drunk by the "dancing" they were doing. *Cough Cough* grinding *Cough Cough*. A few men were sitting at the bar making dibs on who to sleep with next or who would be better. How gross, get a life. My eyes scanned the area but no luck to finding the mop of curls that had saved me from my death. I decided to go through the crowd and risked getting pulled by people to dance with them or seeing their drinks in their hand and getting it spilled on me because they are jumping up and down to the, I might add, REALLY LOUD music. I pushed men and women away trying to get through this humongous crowd. They were all mainly drunk by the looks of it. I surprisingly felt two arms wrap around my waist pulling to his backside. I shrieked, but he probably couldn't hear me.  

"Why haven't I seen you around here, baby?" A slurred raspy voice said. It wasn't Harry which disappointed me. He pulled me around to face him. He blue-green eyes looked into my brown ones hungrily. His brown hair was swept to the side.And his hands lowered to the top of my bum.


"Oh by the way my name is Louis" he winked. I made a disgusted face and tried pushing him away. 

"You know why I don't come here? Because I don't like men like you." I finally said pushing him away to see him fall back a little bit. He stumbled but didn't fall. I ran away quickly to look for Harry more. He said something when I was leaving but I couldn't make it out because of he loud music. I made it through the mob, now in the seating area. Nothing. I decided to go in the crowd again, but making sure to keep an eye out for that Louis guy. All I saw were girls in the tightest skirts and dresses and boys who were having fun with the girls. I thought I had no luck since I was at the end, but I found them. Those luscious soft brown curls bobbing up and down. I stumbled over people as I made my way to see him. Finally I saw him dancing with another girl with a drink in his hand. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away from the crowd.

"fiesta now are we?" He said biting his lip. I remember he said that to me the first day we met. 


"you don't have to hide" how did he know I was there? 

"Why should I listen to you?" I spat at him.

"Because, I saved you" 

"saved me?! More like kidnapped." I scoffed rolling my eyes. He finally stood facing me with his tall figure, emerald green eyes, and his curls swept to the side. He had a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans with brown worn out shoes. And he had various tattoos on his upper arms. 

"feisty now are we?" He smirked, showing his dimples. 

                                                   * END OF FLASHBACK*

"Becca?" He croaked as his voice cracked. He looked broken. His eyes were the size of a puppy dogs and he was slumped over. I can't believe he recognized me in his drunken state. I nodded to him and out of no where he hugged me tightly, sobbing on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry. Please don't leave me. I miss you, Becca." Is what I kept hearing from him. His salty tears stained my shirt . I took my thumbs and wiped his tears away as he settled down. But before I took my hand away he kissed softly. I gulped slowly wanting to feel his lips on mine desperately.


"I need another drink." He slurred.

"no Harry, we're going home " I announced pushing him away. He stumbled out the door leaving me behind. I caught up to him with my arm draped around his mid back to keep him steady. 

"Woah, woah" I said. He just laughed loudly causing odd glances. I opened my car door letting him inside the passengers seat and buckled him up. He kept kissing my cheeks and playing with my hair. 

"You smell nice" he said sniffing me. I tried holding in my loud laughter that was about to burst out of me. 

"You're drunk" 

"what does that mean?" He said like he really didn't know. I shook my head and leaned out. I heard him kept saying "drunk", trying to figure out the word. I laughed at him as I closed the door getting more glances from people. I decided to go back and get Harry's car later this evening or right after put Harry down. But for now he's not gonna remember one dang thing of this. 



**** OOO HARRY. Will they get back together? Or will Niall come in and swoop Becca of her feet once more ;) teehee******

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