Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


25. 25

**** ok don't hate me. I know I haven't been on in months but I have good news! The reason why I haven't been on all this time was because I have a summer job and I'm writing a new Movella!! It's going to be a 5SOS fan fiction :-) I'm super excited for you guys to read it. It should be out before the beginning of September hopefully hehe. I ALSO WENT TO SEE 1D AND 5SOS AT GILLETTE OMG THEY WERE SO GOOD I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN IT!! WHO ELSE WENT?!?



"Harry I..." I stopped and looked at him. His beautiful green orbs were starring right back at me waiting for my answer. I leaned in a little bit and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso. I molded our lips together passionately. He reacted quickly by wrapping his arms around my back and running his fingers through my hair here and there. 

"I never stopped loving you" I mumbled into his lips. He placed sweet kisses down my jawline and to my neck. He hit my sweet spot causing me to groan and tug his curls. I felt him smirk as he trailed back up to my lips. 

"I never in a million years would stop loving you either" he said. I smiled as we shared more kisses. 

"Stay with me tonight?" I asked between our passionate moment. 

"Of course" he whispered. I untangled myself and snuggled up under my covers. He did the same and wrapped his arms around my kissing my cheek.

"I love you, Becca" 


I groggily opened my eyes to see the sunlight blaring through the windows. I slowly turned around to see a sleeping Harry. His curls were spread out everywhere but managed to still look good. I could only here his breathing and light snores. His mouth, though, was partly open blowing his breathe to my face, which always smelled minty. Spearmint I think. His hands were still wrapped around me which brought us only inches apart. I started playing with his hair, twirling each lock with my fingers. I brought my fingers down his face and traced random patterns . I went down to his shoulder and arm. I stopped and wrapped my arm around his neck and put my pheasant in the nook of his neck. I closed my eyes and sigh ed. I guess I was still tired because I quickly fell asleep again. 


"Morning sleeping beauty" a husky voice said into my ear. I gave a lazy smile and unwrapped myself from him and stretched out. All the sudden I felt him on top of me and holding me down. I finally opened my eyes to him smirking seductively and leaning in. His lips melted into mine once more sending bolts of electricity throughout my body. I chuckled against his lips as he did the same. i flipped him over so that now I was on top of him. 

"What's on today's schedule?" I asked playing with the hem of his shirt. 

"Well I was thinking we can get some lunch? Oh! I want you to meet my old mate. He's from Australia and I haven't seem him in years since this case we had to do together. And maybe we can come back here or my flat to relax" he winked after he said relax. I laughed and ruffled his hair. 

"We should invite your friend to lunch! I would love to meet him. Let me grab my phone" I said getting off of him and going to my desk to see Julia's texts and missed calls and a text from Niall and Zayn. 


hey! I was wondering if it was okay to have a dress fitting this Saturday with the girls and I! 2 good? Text me ASAP!!!!! 

I guess I'm trying on dresses with the other bridesmaids for her wedding- should be fun. 


you okay? Text me as soon as you get this. I'm worried sick :/ 


Zayn- VAS HAPPENING bestie. Wanna catch up later? Maybe pizza or some pastries at the baker on 34th street?? :) xx


Me/ Jules- hey, Jules. I'm free Saturday give me the details :) x 

Me/Niall- yes, I'm fine. Everything went alright I guess. Call me later? 

Me/Zayn- yes! That would be nice I'll see if we can go later because I have a couple plans :) xxx


"Hey Harry, at around six I'm gonna catch up with Zayn if that's alright" I asked him as I saw him walking into the bathroom. 

"Ya I'm just gong to take a quick shower and I should be ready" he replied quickly coming out again and giving me a peck on the cheek. Busy day today. From meeting Harry's "friend from Australia" to getting hanging with Zayn and worrying about Niall and all my other thoughts. I'm hoping Australian people are decent, it should be exciting. 



**Hope this chapter was good... Harry and Becca are getting closer ;) XD***







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