lily gets a present from her parents and spends a holiday in california and u can read it from there



         ZAYNS (POV)


 i sneaked out of the house back door if paul realizes im missing i will regret it anyways ni ran to the nearest beach which was usually empty at noon the boys were messing the house and driving me crazy im the peaceful type i wanted to watch the sunset and enjoy as i was walking i heard a shout followed by screaming i ran fast my heart beating wat was hapening my eyes caught a girl drowning i dived hoping she hasnt died i saw her sinking helplessly i carried her to the shore she hasnt moved or oppened her eyes i felt her pulse luckily she was alive i didnt want to leave her lying in the shore so i carried her to our beach house i sighed hearing the boys yelling Hey im back i screamed no one was looking at me harry glanced at me and when he saw the girl all of them got closer to her who is the beauty? harry said stroking her cheek i havent had a good look at her i laid her down the guest room i noticed she had red hair!  it looked so real and her green eyes she had red cheeks and her lips were dry and pale i tried not to divert my attention to her because im a trustful boyfriend to perrie who is at tour for 4 months harry knocked and entered so wat happend he said having that twinkle in his eyes when he saw the girl just found her drowning and saved her at the beach i wish it was me  he mumbled i heard him clearly why? i questioned i thought she will like you cos u r her prince charming i just want .... he kept queit and left goodnight i said covering her with a blanket and left her sleeping there is something about her that makes her special no never mind

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