lily gets a present from her parents and spends a holiday in california and u can read it from there


3. finally in california!!

                          i woke gasping and when i looked above me i saw my brother poured a bucket of ice water on my back you are gonna be late he smirked i woke up glaring at him till i reached the bathroom i took a 15 min shower and sighed when i look at the mirror my hair seems tangled with knots my face seems pale thanx to my brother who shocked me to death but who cares im going to California and will never see his face again i brushed my hair removing the knots i heard my brother shouting get out of the bathroom or you r gonna be late ! i removed the tangles wrapped myself with my towel and i opened the door what do u want pickle head( another name for my bro) get out of my room i want to dress i yelled he slowly walked out of my room and said have a terrible holiday lily what a freak i looked at my closet and sighed i never packed my clothes and mom would be mad i grabbed some of my clothes and stuffed them in my suitcase plus my new ones i bought yesterday i took a random tee that was written have fun in the beach it was perfect to wear in California i wore my shorts i left my hair free and loose i wore a pair of shades and i was ready i dragged my suitcase down the stairs i went to the kitchen and found my mom reading a magazine hi mom i said coming upto her and probably hugging her for the last time in 2 months she hugged me tight mom space i whispered yeah she said i will miss u darling Rydian come here and hug your sis my brother came walking in his usually draggy style he thinks its cool im gonna miss u he mumbled that was the sweetest thing he ever told me me 2 i replied i jumped on him and hugged him my mom joined and i saw my dad feeling hurt staring at us com join the hug dad i yelled he smiled and joined the hug we hugged for almost ten mins but it felt like a second am gonna miss u guys i mumbled as two tears streamed down my face dont cry dear my dad whispered we will see you and you are going to study university when u come back we will decide where u will study okay now go and have fun you can call us when u need us my dad said as he dabbed the tears on my face with his his thumb ok i said with a half smile u want breakfast dear my mom said no mom im okay Rydian i cant take lily to the airport i have work do u mind taking her ok he shrugged lets get this show on the road Lils rydian smiled he was so nice this morning he carried my suitcase and kept it in the passenger seat i sat on the front seat while he drove me away in Range-Rover why are u acting so nice today except what you did in the morning he smirked because you wont annoy or fight with me for the remote so im happy i will get twice dessert he chuckled im happy you are leaving yeah thanx but half of me will miss u he whispered thank u i whispered back sometimes me and my brother have a bond of understanding . anyway we reached the packed airport i looked at Rydian and i know he doesn't mean that he is not going to m iss me bye rydian my flights waiting bye he replied hugging me i pushed my suitcase and entered plane goodbye Australia i whispered as the plane took of i felt sleepy and slept what felt like 10 min when i felt someone tapping my back i fluttered my eyes open and saw the air hostess OK i said as she gave me my suitcase i felt the California breeze hit me as my hair went flying all over the place i took a cab and looked through the window California looked nice it had lots of cafes and people i knew am going to have the best 2 month alone maybe ?

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