Daughter of Beauty

At Camphalfblood,Angelina lives in the Aphrodite's Cabin with the snobby cabin leader Fiona.Angelina wishes she could just change cabins;everyone thinks that the Aphrodite cabin is for Whimps,but she is destined to make that change...with the help of friend,danger,love, and unbelievable combat skills!!!


1. Typical Day

     I threw the rock at the wall lightly at the side of my cabin.No matter how many times the cabin leader,Fiona told me to stop,I played on like a broken record.Fiona wanted everything to be perfect in the Aphrodite Cabin.The walls were pink,and fandom posters litterd the walls (usually the most popular boy band),so my Star Wars poster looked lost.I finally broke the rock,so I came inside.I passed a group of gossip girls talking abot celebritys' love lives.I wanted to vomi all over their "Aphrodite's Talk" magazines.Apparently we were going to play Capture the Flag.All of the other Aphrodite people were upset (except me!I love that game) .I heard murmurs like, "UGH!!We just played that game last week!!!What are they trying to do?LIke Exaust us!!!" and "I wish I could buy pink armor!!!"I rolled my eyes.I was Happy!Nothing clears the mind more than fighting for a flag!

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