Daughter of Beauty

At Camphalfblood,Angelina lives in the Aphrodite's Cabin with the snobby cabin leader Fiona.Angelina wishes she could just change cabins;everyone thinks that the Aphrodite cabin is for Whimps,but she is destined to make that change...with the help of friend,danger,love, and unbelievable combat skills!!!


7. Getting to know each other

I waddled around in the snow.Rose pushed me into that white blanket,and we both laughed.The boys stayed in the back of the line ,quietly talking to each other.They were nervous around us,so Rose and I decided to play a game.

"Let's play a game!!We should get to know each other more!!!I'll start.I'm Rose Corona,daughter of Demeter ,and I like flowers and kitties!"I heard Brayden giggle ."My name is Brayden Ross,son of Athena,I like books and architecture.""Hi I'm Alex Carson,son of Apollo ,I like movies and fighting monsters!"Alex stated."I'm Angelina Shrouder,daughter of Aphrodite ,I like Art and basketball."I said.We talked until we were like besties,and we stemmed like we knew each other forever!

I even learned more about Rose,and it turns out she doesn't  like lilacs-she's allergic to them.

We were having such fun until Alex shushed us."What?"I whispered."There "He murmured back.I noticed some fur and some glowing yellow eyes behind a dead bush.We were being watched

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