Daughter of Beauty

At Camphalfblood,Angelina lives in the Aphrodite's Cabin with the snobby cabin leader Fiona.Angelina wishes she could just change cabins;everyone thinks that the Aphrodite cabin is for Whimps,but she is destined to make that change...with the help of friend,danger,love, and unbelievable combat skills!!!


2. Capture the Flag

          Chiron settled us down."On the Blue Team we have..Athena and Ares!!!"Those teams highfived eachother .crud!I hoped we would have a decent  team (the best for this game were already taken.) "On Team Red we have....Apollo and Aphrodite!!!"The Apollo cabin looked with disgust.Some banged their heads into their shields.An Apollo camper whispered "again?!They are such whimps!" I knew we were supposed to be a team ,but I knew who I was going to fight!This is my chance to show my worth!

"GO"I followed the boy who had insulted me,until he got the sense someone (me) was there,too.I did my signature move and ran off saying, "You still think Aphrodite is lame???" I ran off to go finish the




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