Simply Forbidden (Drarry)

It all began when Harry's name was pulled from the goblet. Draco and Harry end up getting detention because of a stupid argument which ends up getting physical. Harry's always knew he was gay and so did Draco but two enemies together? How ridiculous! But there's only a fine line between love and hate. Draco and Harry's relationship flourishes as they carry on their years in Hogwarts but what will happened when Voldemort returns and wants revenge? Draco can't possibly fight for the light side. Can he? Will it all end in tears and blood? Or tears and love?


1. It All Happens In Detention

"Potter!" A unmistakable voice called from behind me. I was already late for potions and of course I had that git behind me to wind me up.
"What do you want Malfoy? To make another joke about the Triwizard tournament? Go on just hurry up and make the joke already. Not everyone is Snape's favourite student." I snapped.
"Shut up, Scarface. Get a move on." he called back as he was walking to catch up with me. I rolled my eyes and carried on walking to potions. When I arrived the class turned to face me.
"Potter, late again?" The greasy haired professor snarled.
"Sorry I was getting my-" I started making an excuse when he had cut me off.
"I don't care for your pathetic excuse Potter. Sit down. Five points from Gryffindor." 
I hated him, always had hated that git. Malfoy walked in five minutes after me with a smug smirk on his face, I could punch the smirk right off his face. Snape looked up at him "Malfoy, sit down."
He explained "Sorry sir, I forgot my book, I decided to go get it." 
Lies. "Well done for being organised Mr Malfoy. Five points to Slytherin." The Gryffindor side of the class moaned.  
"Shut up you unbearable brats and carry on with your potions. Malfoy, you can work with Potter." Snape said with a evil grin on his face, he was an unbearable git. I had never hated someone so much in my whole life well, except Voldemort. Snape was second on the list but was close to being to bumped down to third because Malfoy was being a pain in the arse. 
"Malfoy, can you stop taking all the room, for Merlin's sake!" I spat at him.
He rolled his eyes and replied "I wouldn't have to if you had any chance in potions."
I tooked a deep breath, I was mentally counting to ten, he had got me to seven.  He could see he had got on my nerves, his pale face lit up at the thought of winding me up. There was a positive side of working with Malfoy, he was most certainly good at potions. We were finished first. Nearly everyone had finished except for poor Neville. He hated potions more than I did, he just could not get the hang of it. I was saved by the bell as muggles would say. 

I sprinted towards the door waiting for 'Mione and Ron before I saw them I felt a cold hand grab my arm and drag my arm. I couldn't see who it was. I was dragged into an empty classroom, when I turned to see who it was I saw it was the none other than Draco Malfoy. His soft blonde hair fell across his face and I had a strange urge to push it back, his silver eyes were electrifying and his soft pale lips they looked so kissable. I knew I was gay and had told 'Mione and Ron. They were both accepting luckily. I snatched my glance away from his lips and looked at him in the eyes "What?" I snapped.
He had that usual 'I'm better than you' smirk plastered across his face. "Potter, I thought I'd better warn you. You are going to be squashed in that Triwizard tournament. I will be there and I can laugh my arse at you." He chuckled.
Eight, Nine,Ten. I'd snapped. I threw a punch at him and spat "Do you really think I want to be in the Triwizard competition? You're being like this because you wish it was you. I would happily pass it to you if I could. You call me the fucking golden boy but you think I want to be called that? Trust me I do not want to be called that. Now I dare you to say something again."
He had pulled himself together and yelled back "What, now you can go cry to Weasel and Mudblood?"
That was it. Weasel and Mudblood? How dare he. I shouted spitting slightly as I yelled "Shut up Malfoy. Don't ever call them that again." I pushed him to the floor and sat on top of his waist and threw punches at him as hard as I could.
He grabbed my wrists and rolled us over so he was on top of me and punched me back, just as hard as the punches I had threw at him. I was about to fight back when we heard someone shout "That is quite enough."
Professor McGonagall. Shit. 
"I think we can all agree that type of behaviour is not tolerated here at Hogwarts. I do not want silly excuses you will both have detentions with me tomorrow night, you will clean my room. 8pm prompt. No excuses for being late. Now go." She said in a sharp, stern tone.
"Twat." I snapped at Malfoy when were outside.
"Arsehole." He spat back.

We headed our separate ways (luckily.) Ron and 'Mione were waiting for me. 'Mione had her hands on her hips and said "Where were you? We were worried sick!"
I highly doubted it, Ron was sitting comfortably in a chair and looked carefree.
She shoved some books under my nose and explained "You don't know what you could face in the tournament. So you had better prepare for everything." 
"Ron, are we okay?" I asked.
"Sorry, 'Mione did you say something?" I rolled my eyes, he was going to be childish over this. Ron wanted to do the Triwizard tournament, I'd trade him my place if he wanted it. I mean people died in the tournament. 
'Mione glared at Ron and signalled for him to follow her, I knew he was going to have her shouting at her which wasn't a good sign. I started reading the books 'Mione had given me, how was I supposed to remember all this? I couldn't even remember what I had eaten for breakfast that morning let alone the five books she had just handed me. I sighed and started to skim read the pages, 'Mione and Ron came back, Ron had headed straight back to the dorm and 'Mione was red faced as she went when she was extremely angry. She gave me a half hearted smile and said "Don't worry, he'll come around. I promise, you know what he's like. He can be a bit of a child at times."
I smiled at her but not encouraging or even a happy smile. It was more thankful than anything else. She said "We can go to the library tomorrow if you like? Do some heavy studying, you really don't know what to expect." 
If this wasn't heavy studying I was worried to know what was. I suddenly remembered "Sorry 'Mione but I can't I have detention with McGonagall tomorrow, Malfoy and I kind of had a fight he was being a git and we had a fist fight."
She nodded then said "You'll have to make up for it another day then because you can't risk missing anything out."
'Mione helped me memorise a lot of the facts and 'what to do if.' By the time we were finished I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open, they were extremely heavy and I couldn't concentrate. I told 'Mione that I would be going to sleep. My head was starting to ache from the lack of sleep because of nightmares and I had been reading for so long.

The day dragged. It felt like it was never going to end, I was extremely tired and had a detention to attend to aswell. Malfoy was as rude as ever, I was getting irritated by the silliest of things because I was lacking sleep. My head was pounding all day and any unusually loud sound I would wince at. (Well it wasn't probably that loud.) The professors seemed to be picking on me all day, Ron was still ignoring me, which hurt because I thought he was my best-friend and cared about me, how foolish of me. The time for the detention had came, I arrived early as Malfoy turned up just on time.
Professor McGonagall said "You will clean this room, using no magic. I want it spotless. You have brooms, mops and a dustpan over there. Can I have your wands please?"
I pulled my wand from my robes and handed it over to her, Malfoy looked reluctant to let go of his precious wand it made me snicker. Daft git. 
McGonagall carried on "I believe I can trust you both to get the job done without me watching over you like a hawk. So when you have finished you may leave then come find me to get your wand back. You have to do half the room each. I'm going now, get cleaning the pair of you."

Malfoy moaned, too much for the Slytherin prince to do a bit of cleaning? I bit my lip to stop myself laughing at the thought. I bet he felt like a house elf, a low down. I had to bite down on my lip hard to stop myself from chortling. He looked disgusted as he picked up a broom to start sweeping.
He snarled "Something funny, Potter?"
I couldn't help myself, I laughed "Yeah you. Have you really never cleaned before? Jeez."
He rolled his eyes "Shut up, Potter. I don't want to hang around with you for any longer than I have to." I realised his voice wasn't so venomous when he spoke to me. I was pleased about it but also slightly confused, why was Malfoy being polite to me? It took hours of scrubbing before the class was acceptable to leave.
I called "You done yet, Malfoy?"
He answered "Yeah, almost."
I laughed "So you're not done. I'll help, what have you got left?"
"Just some dusting." He replied.
I helped him dust as we both went to dust the same stop our hands touched. I felt electric go through me, he must have felt the same because pink was touching his cheeks and he had jumped out of his skin.

I gave him a puzzled look, I knew you felt like that when you loved someone, but I most certainly did not love Malfoy. Just this morning he'd taken the piss about me being in the Triwizard and said I'd be squashed meaning I'd die. I was snatched away from my thoughts when the blonde had moved closer to me so I could feel his hot breath on my cheeks. I felt blood rush to my cheeks turning them red. Why was I embarrassed? He looked at me for a while and I just stared right back at him.
I asked nervously "Malfoy, what are you going to do?"
I felt a great force push me against the wall. Malfoy had his hands pushing me against the wall, holding me by the shoulders. He was stronger than he looked (probably due to quidditch though.)
It suddenly clicked, he was probably going to punch me or hurt me, I flintched away expecting it. I was preparing for the beating of my life, worse than what I used to get at home before the Dursley's were scared about me hexing them. He did something unexpected, he licked his lips. I stared at them, unsure of what he was going to do. I closed my eyes when I felt his soft lips press against mine. I had not expected that. Before I knew what was going on, I was kissing him back. I didn't know why but it felt so right kissing him. It wasn't because I was gay either because I had kissed another guy before but it wasn't like that. When Malfoy's lips had touched mine it had felt like there had been fireworks let off. He pulled away and ran his fingers through his hair and ran through the door before I could say another word.
I yelled after him "Malfoy, wait!" but he was already gone.

McGonagall had already given Malfoy his wand, she had came to the classroom to return me mine. I thanked her and headed to bed, my head was pounding still and I was still incredibly tired but my head didn't hurt because I was tired. It was because I was so wrapped up in my thoughts about what had happened between Malfoy and I. He ran off so quickly I had wondered if he had regretted kissing me. I would need to talk to him but how and when was the problem. 'Mione would be adding extra studies onto my list and I was already overloaded with homework. I know 'Mione means well but she does go overboard. I also had Ron to deal with because he was being a sassy git about me being in the Triwizard. Pathetic really. Talking to Malfoy was going to be a mission of its own because I had so many things to work it around. It was a nightmare. Why couldn't I just be normal? Not be in the Triwizard, why can't I have a normal school life and have a normal boyfriend, no strings and no complications?

Draco's POV:

I can't believe I kissed Potter. I loved him ever since I laid eyes on him, I hated him for hating me back when we first met but I never really did hate him. Why did I even kiss him, I didn't even know if he was gay! I know my Father would hate to know I'm gay. Being hit with Crucio probably would be enough for him to let out his rage about me being gay but my boyfriend being Harry Potter? Crucio certainly would not cover it. My Mother knew I was gay and knew I loved Harry Potter. She was happy for me and gave me encouragement. She told me not to give up hope and I didn't. I've kissed him, he kissed me back so that's a good sign right? I'd been such a git to him I doubt he'd even want to be with me if he is gay. I'd ran away from him with such immaculate speed so he wouldn't catch up with me, couldn't risk that now could I? I knew what he was like though, he would make time to talk to me. He'd ask a million and one questions as well, I'd rather it not to happen but if and when it does, I will be completely honest, if it backfires, I can always erase the memory, right?


Harry's POV:

I woke up earlier than usual and got changed into my robes. Hermione was already in the Common room. 
"Wow, you're up early." She said with a grin on her face.
"Yeah, wasn't really tired." I lied.
She nodded "If you want we can go to breakfast now, or we can wait for Ron?"
"Well, I don't think Ron will be getting up anytime soon and I'm starving!" I said.
Hermione made our way down to the Great Hall to eat. Some people yelled "Wouldn't they be a cute couple? Saint Potter and Muggle-Born."
"Shut up!" I yelled over to the Slytherin table knowing it had came from them, who else would be so pathetic to make blood jokes? Everyone had came down for breakfast, except for Ron, he really was a lazy git sometimes. We all tucked into breakfast when I saw Malfoy. He stared at me and I stared back and flicked my eyes towards the door, signalling for him to follow.
"I'm going to use the loo Hermione, see you in potions." She smiled and nodded.
I headed towards the door and waited for him to get up, lucky enough he did. I grabbed his arm and led him to an empty classroom.
"Why did you run away straight after the kiss?" I asked.
"Because you're straight, obviously." He replied then he chewed nervously on his lip.
"Malfoy, is this some kind of game to you? If it is, it's not a game I want to play." I said.
He shook his head "It's not a game."
"I don't believe you." I snapped.
"Harry, why not?" He asked, pleadingly.
"Because you've bullied me-wait, did you call me Harry?"
He was blushing. "I did, didn't I?"

Draco's POV:

"Can I ask you something then?" Harry asked.
"Anything." I answered.
"Well, if you liked me, how comes you were so nasty for so many years?"
"Because I-I was jealous. Jealous of anyone who was your friend because you weren't mine." I blushed after saying it.
He pulled me into a hug. My heart was beating at a million miles per minute. "Harry?" I asked.
"Mm?" He replied.
"Do you like me?" I asked.
"No." He said rather bluntly. I was confused and hurt he then said "I love you. I always have."
He leaned forwards and pushed me against the wall. My head hit the wall with a loud 'whack'
I didn't care when Harry had pressed his lips hard onto mine. I squirmed at first but chose to relax. His lips were soft and firm, against mine. I loved every moment of it. I placed my arms around his waist. He flicked his tongue over my bottom lip. I opened my mouth instantly knowing what he wanted. He slid his tongue inside, it was getting really heated I ran my fingers through his messy black hair. (Something I had wanted to do ever since I had a crush on him)
When we finally broke apart we were both gasping for breath, he laughed "We're late for potions, let's go!"
We ran down the corridor hand in hand when he quickly fixed my hair. We both burst in and gave each other dirty looks.
"5 Points from Gryffindor. Malfoy, Potter, you will work together." Snape said in his normal flat tone. I could see Harry hated him by the look on his face.

Harry's POV:

I moaned as I had to work with Draco. The kiss with Draco was everything I had ever wanted it to be. I had always denied liking anyone because it was easier that way but I had to admit, I really did like Draco when I had first met him. His gorgeous soft blonde hair and beautiful silver eyes. We worked together on the potion, I was terrible at potions and had no idea what I was going to do when it came to exams. I had other strong subjects and I was good at Quidditch, I had a talent for it and there is never a time you can't like Quidditch! I was the Gryffindor's seeker. I had been ever since my first year, first years never made the team. Draco and I finished our potion and were allowed to leave before anyone else as they all had to clear up. I loved Draco's company I really did. I had never expected the person who I thought hated me, to actually love me and I coincidentally liked them back.
Draco nodded "Good-bye Potter." There was no venom in his voice it was more of a general good-bye.
"Bye Malfoy." I replied as we went our separate ways to our different classes.

Draco's POV:

I've never been much of a talker really. I hated talking even as a child but it was so easy when it came to talking to Harry. All the feelings I had, I could just say to Harry without worrying. I knew he wasn't the judging kind but I also didn't know he was gay so I am obviously quite oblivious to things. Who knew the boy who I always fought with, the one I had fake loathed and who had fake loathed me back secretly loved me like I loved him? It was like one of those things muggle's watch. One of those soaps where it's all dramatic and unrealistic, none of it usually happens in real life but for me it did, which was a shock because with me things never go right. I carried on walking to my next class not knowing where I was going really, my thoughts were still dazed with the thought of Harry. The way I loved him was rushing around my head, I couldn't believe it was happening, it was almost as if it was a dream something so unreal. I smiled to myself, a real genuine smile not a smirk. A real happy smile, I never usually had those, anytime I did I would quickly have to hide it behind a mask of who wasn't me. I wondered if Harry could see who I really was? Not the selfish, horrible and nasty but actually someone who has real feelings like anyone else.

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