The Boy With The Blue Eyes

19 year old Samantha has always done the same routine. Get up, have a shower, brush teeth etc. But all of that is about to change...


2. Note from Author

  Hi I am going to make this real quick so lets get started.

I am going to do Authors notes as chapters so if you skip them you won't miss any part of the story. I am apologizing if this is a bad fanfic cause this is my first time and if you want to be the star of my next fanfic which will be on drumroll please............. Harry Styles!!!!!

just comment your name, age, hair colour, eye colour and height Thanks!!!!!!!


I will choose the winner at about January 14th so you have lots of time to enter

Bye peeps and please keep reading I will update whenever I can byeeeeeeeee!!!!!! xxxx 

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