The Boy With The Blue Eyes

19 year old Samantha has always done the same routine. Get up, have a shower, brush teeth etc. But all of that is about to change...


1. Just Me

                        Samantha's POV


  I wake up to the sound of the Mario theme tune ringing in my ears. When I put that on my alarm I thought it was cute, now it's the most annoying thing ever. I drag myself to the bathroom to shower and change before brushing my teeth and putting my hair up into a loose ponytail. I hail a cab and tell him where to go. The O2 Arena. I'm not famous or anything I just train the backup dancers their moves for the x-factor. I put in my earphones and listen to the lyrics of What Makes you Beautiful make its way into my ears and soon enough I'm there. At the arena I sign in and stroll over to the dance studio to learn the moves I will be soon teaching to the back-up dancers.


    2 hours later

I have finally learnt all the moves for when One direction perform as guest stars. Can't wait to show the dancers. I bet they won't be happy that they have to do a slut drop mwahahahaha (queue evil laughing). I wait for the dancers to come in and then teach them the dance to What Makes You Beautiful.

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