6. chapter 5

Denise P.O.V

I still can't believe me and sandy are going to have a double date tomorrow... With 2 out of 5 of one direction.

I close my curtains as it got darker and due the the whole fangirling scene that happened between me and sandy.... Little do the guys know we do that all the time.

I walk into Sandy's room and see how she is pulling her room together and I find her asleep. I guess that's my sign I should probably be sleeping to but I am so hyper cause of everything that happened to day.

I go back to my room and lay down and with in seconds I am in a deep sleep.


"DENISE WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP" sandy says jumping on my bed like a little kid on Christmas morning.

"I'm up god what's wrong" I reply rubbing my eyes adjusting to the bright sunlight.


"are you fucking kidding me? It's 9am I don't have to be up till like 10 let me sleep and wake me up then" i mumble while throwing a pillow at her.

"Fine but just so you know we are Spose to meet Niall and harry at their house at 12" sandy says throwing the pillow back at me.

"Shit I hate mornings go make coffee or something please I need to wake up."


"Thanks sandy" I say as I roll my eyes.

Sandy's P.O.V

I walk into the kitchen to make denise her coffee. I forgot how bad of a morning person she is.. Damn it's that bad. my phone vibrates on the counter.

-Harry :)



Hey what's up?

-Harry :)

Nothing just kinda excited for today :)


I am too I can't wait!

-Harry :)

So the plan is still to meet at my place at 12 right?


Yupp if it still works for you :)

-Harry :)

Yeah it's perfect I gotta go see you soon ;)



*3 hours later*

"And my hair and everything looks fine? Nothing's in my teeth? Does my breath stink? Do I stink?" Denise ask frantically. I have never seen her this nervous in my life.

"Yes you are fine and you don't stink at all he will love it!" I reply shaking my head laughing softly.

We get to there house after I convince denise that nothing is wrong with her and she looks perfect. We argue a little on who is going to know but finally I give in a knock on the door. I had to remember that I was going to hang out with harry styles and Niall Horan because when I opened the door and saw harry standing there I had to take a double take.

"Hey you look great both of you" harry says before bringing us inside.

Denise P.O.V

we walk into Harry and Niall's place and I am just astonished by all of the guitars on the wall.

We were guided to the living room and I see Niall sitting on the couch playing video game and it just makes my stomach flutter a little.

"Oh hey girls sorry I was just playing playstation." Niall says pausing the game and standing up

He walks I've to me and gives me a hug that goes over to sandy and hugs her as well.

"Well I guess we should get going so we don't burn any day light" harry says turning off the tv as we follow him to his car. This is going to be a great day.


Hey guys that read this.. Well if any haha well I. Know I haven't updated in a while and I am sorry I will try to do better. If you are reading this would you let me know in the comets or something? It's a short chapter as well sorry bout that well hope you have a good day\ night :)

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