3. chapter 2

Denise's p.o.v

I did not sleep once the entire flight here! My knuckles were sore cause I had the death grip on the chair the entire time. Sandy slept like a baby. We arrived at the airport and all we could see is this swarm of this emotional teenage girls screaming.

"What's going on here?" Sandy asked with a confused look on her face.

"Let's go find out!!" I say grabbing her hand and darting towards the crowd. Sandy's hand slipped out of mine and I looked back to see if she was followings and I hit this sold figure in front of me...

"Sorry girls I know you want to see the boys but they are busy" a deep voice said.

"Paul?!" Sandy half way screamed. "Okay this may be weird but can we get a picture with you?" sandy says pulling out her phone

And putting it on camera. Paul laughed and nodded his head. We got a pitied with home and immediately posted it on out joined account. We got a few new followers but not many.

" I know we both want to see the boys but he have to get to our new house and start un loading" I sadly say with a frown on my face. Sandy frowns and nods and we head outside and call a cab. we get in the cab and we tell him our street address.

"Why won't you girls give those lads a break?" The cab driver says annoyed..

" Uh excuse me? This is out house address, and what 'lads'" I asked with a tone.

"Oh I am sorry girls I thought you were going there for the boys.."

" what boys?" Sandy quickly replies.

"The lads of one direction the live near there" the cab diver sounded surprised that we didn't know that.

Me and sandy just pause and stair at each other... We live next to THE one direction.... I must be dreaming.

"Here we are sorry about the confusion earlier" the driver says while stopping the cab.

I handed him the amount due and graves my suite case and follow sandy to the door step. She unlocked the door and we were flabbergasted with the size. The house is beautiful!


Short chapter sorry I will try to make the next one longer

But I have a question... What would your reaction be if you met Paul? Well bye guysssss even tho no one is reading this XD


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