The New Boy

Right, so there's a new boy at my school, his name's George, and he kind of changed my life:)


4. Josh

So, It's about time I told you about Josh. Josh is my boyfriend. We've been together for a year now, which is a record for me. I've not seen him for a few weeks, he's gone on a football trip to Brazil, and he'll be back on Saturday. I know he's not perfect, but he's the best. Josh is 17, 1 year older than me, it makes me feel safe having an older boyfriend.

My parents like him, and I know some girls at school are jealous that Josh chose me. I sometimes get a lot of hate about it, but I've never told anyone. Girls tell me I'm ugly, and that I don't deserve to have Josh, which upsets me, but I try not to let them get to me.

My phone beeped signalling I had a text. 

"Hey baby, I'm missing you" 

It was from Josh, I smiled.

"missing you too, can't wait too see you on Saturday :) xx" I replied, and put my phone down.

Josh doesn't know about George yet, but I know he'll be cool with it. Hopefully. Me and George are only friends after all.




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