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8. Sheep and Goats

Sheep and Goats

They are two different species!! C'mon people it's not that hard to tell them apart.

I hate it when I'm feeding my lamb with my 4H sheep group at fair and people walk by and say "Aww. Look at the cute little goat!" It makes me want to throttle them and rip their hair out.

A lamb is a taller animals that usually has a black face and legs, no tail (we dock them really short), and make a noise like "Baaa."

A goat is a shorter animal that has a tail, the market ones are brown and white, some breeders have horns (sheep do not have horns at my fair), and makes a noise like "Maaah."

Although there is a breed of sheep that looks like a goat because it is shorter and the breeder cuts the tail a little bit longer and it is black and white splotches. (It's called a Dorper. Look it up)

Please do your research if you are going to come to a fair and look at animals. I don't care if you get the breed wrong as long as you get the species right.


FeliscisFeather19734 (aka the Sheep Whisperer)

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