Rant Book

Just rants about anything and everything.


7. How?

How do people like do amazing things and are like "Ugh. I did horrible!" Seriously.

I hate it when I run the mile at school and I ask my friends what they got and they say "Something really bad. A 7:16." I would be so happy if I got a 7:16. Today I ran the mile and I got an 8:59. That is my best time ever and I was so happy I got in the eights because I always get in the tens.

Occasionally, I do that but that's because I have really high expectations (except for when it comes to athletics). My friends will get a 96% on their test and they will complain about it for the rest of the day. I almost always get 100s and when I don't people freak out so I will keep my score secret if I feel like people will panic. Honestly, you should be proud of your achievements even if it wasn't as great as you thought it would be.


Anyways, short chapter today. Happy St.Patricks Day! 🍀

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