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4. Haters and Bullies

Haters. We all know them. We all love them... not.

I think people that hate are only looking for attention. Haters purposely bring down others to make themselves feel better. Much like bullies do. Usually, hating is done over the internet; otherwise known as cyber bullying.

We see cyber bullying in all sorts of different forms. Whether it be e-mail, text, or over a social network such as Instagram or Facebook. Haters make hate pages and call the victim fat, ugly, bad at what they do, and many other things. I personally, hate these people who make a hate page for someone who did absolutely nothing to them. They criticize everything and if a photo was taken out of context.

Example- (This is an example of something I actually saw on a hate page) A girl had posted a picture of herself riding her horse. The horse had spooked so he had thrown his head up and the girl was frantically trying to stop him from bolting. She was pulling on the reins and had pushed her feet forward so that she could have leverage to stop. The reason the horse had tossed his head was because she was trying to stop him and horses will sometimes do that. The hater posted this picture on their hate profile and commented about the girl torturing her horse. I, trying to be rational, decided to stick up for this girl. I commented on this photo saying,"It's very clear that the horse spooked. See how her legs are pushed forward in the stirrups to stop. Her face is clearly scared and frantic and she's obviously worried about herself and her horse." Or something along those lines. Please, if you see someone being hated on, stick up for them. Sometimes, you can be that ray of sunshine that breaks through the dark clouds of hate and bullying.

Bullies. We know them. We hate them. Bullies are, most of the time, people who were bullied at one point in their lives. Whether it be at home or at school. If you see someone being bullied, emotionally, physically, or verbally, STAND UP FOR THEM!

Bullies are mean people and they are also ugly on the inside. Bullies need to leave others alone and learn to be nice. Yes, they might have problems at home or something, but that gives them no right to hurt others. Please, stick up for others and help them out.

I must admit I have bullied a tad bit in my life. Not on purpose. It's usually just teasing and joking and sometimes people take it the wrong way. I do not pick on one person just because they are ugly or not smart or anything. I try to be nice. I'm a feisty, bossy, and mean and I normally try to so nice things for other students and the teachers. So, again be nice to others and stick up for them.



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