Not how I remember you?

I remember my best friend. Little Luke Brooks. But I just ran into him. He's in a band with his brothers. And damn, has he changed! Hes wow.


5. The Roof

We walked to his car and he drove us to his house. His friends were all there. "Hey Luke!" James smiled. I smiled. "Hey guys" I said. "Hello" they all smiled. I giggled. I sat next to Jai. "Okay so I'm going to get the pizza and of you want to come?" Beau asked them. 

"Ill go let's go" Daniel said. Then they walked out the door. 

"I'll go get the movie we will be watching later" Luke said as he stood up and left.

It was pretty awkward between us three. 

"You now Angelina if you go outside and on the roof the sky looks lovely" James said. 

"let's go" Jai smiled.

"Okay" we all stood up and walked outside. They had a big ladder.

jai got up on the ladder and onto the roof. 

"Common Angelina" he said. 

I walked up there but couldn't do the big jump to get on the roof. Jai laughed a little while I giggled. "here I'll help" he smiled. He lifted me up and onto the roof. Then James came up. We sat down.

"wow it is beautiful" I said as I looked up. It was the prettiest color of blue and purple and a bit of pink.

"What and amazing view!" Jai smiled. He looked down at me. I smiled. 

"The view is good but a beer would make it better!" James smiled.

Me and Jai laughed. He walked down and inside.

jai looked at me his eyes sparkling. I blushed a little. 

"It really is pretty" I smiled.

then he started leaning in. "Yeah just beautiful just like you" he said.

Then he kissed me passionately. He has his hands on my waist. 

Then I heard something hit the ground. We looked over and saw James mouth wide open with big eyes. He had just dropped his beer.

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