Not how I remember you?

I remember my best friend. Little Luke Brooks. But I just ran into him. He's in a band with his brothers. And damn, has he changed! Hes wow.


6. Our little secret

Me and Jai stood up fast. "Ummm" I started to say. "We should uhh get down there" Jai said. "So are we not Ganna talk about what just happened?" James asked surprised.

i shook my head. We walked down the stairs and inside. I blushed a little. We walked to the living room and heard someone come in. "Pizza is here! We heard Beau say as they came in. We all walked up to the kitchen. 

Then Luke walked in. "Hello" he smiled. "I got the movie" he smiled. He stood next to me and smiled. I was in between Luke and Jai. "Pizza" Jia asked as he handed me a slice.

"Yes please" I smiled.

i grabbed a plate and he put it on there. I got a can of soda and sat down. "Common you can sit in the living room" Jai smiled as he took my hand and led to to it. I turned and saw Luke with a confused face.

I sat down next to Jai and ate my pizza. "What movie did you bring?" James asked. 

"Insidious" Luke smiled as he sat next to me. 

I put my plate and can on the floor. "You cold?" Luke asked.

"Yeah" I said. He got up and handed me a blanket. I put it over me and Jai. They put in the movie. They started the movie. I leaned next to Jai. I hugged him on all the scary parts.

"I'm going to get more soda" I smiled. I got up and walked to the kitchen. And heard three people walking up to me. Jai came up from behind me and hugged me. 

"Awww" I smiled and turned. 

"Guys! Are you going to tell anyone?" James asked.

"Can we keep it a secret for now.." I asked.

"Yeah anything you want" Jai smiled.

"So you can tell anyone" I said to James.

"Okay okay I won't" he said. We walked back. And sat down. I had no idea how I was suppose to tell Luke I was dating Jai!


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