Happily (A 1D Fanfic)

Spending a week at the beach couldn't be more perfect, especially when it ends with a One Direction concert. But after a chance meeting turns into a friendship, they end up spending a lot of time together, and maybe this friendship could turn into something more.

**The same basic plot line and characters are also in a fan fiction on watt pad under my friend Baylei's account. Her username there is Baylei_bird23 We both came up with the names, characters, and title together and then the basic plot line and since then have probably ended up with completely different versions!**


3. Chapter 3

(Lizzie’s POV)


“Hello, love,” Louis Tomlinson says, opening up his arms to me.


“H-h-hi,” I stutter, on the verge of squealing as he gives me a hug.  Then, I remember what Natalee said.  I pull it together.  “I’m Lizzie.”


“That’s a nice name,” He says, and I feel myself blushing.  No! I reprimand myself, but there’s nothing I can do.  “I’m Louis,” He continues.


“I know,” I say, then slap my hand over my mouth.  “Sorry,” I say, and I’m stammering again.


“That’s quite alright, love,” He says.  “It’s nice to meet a girl who isn’t crying, screaming, or fainting.  It’s kind of special, really.”


Did Louis Tomlinson just point out that I’m special?  Because I think he did.



(SkylarAnne’s POV)


“Hi, I’m SkylarAnne,” I say, doing my best not to stammer as I hug Liam Payne.


“Nice to meet you, SkylarAnne.  I’m Liam.”


“Nice to meet you too.  How are you?”  I say, trying my best not to sound too awkward.


“I’m doing well.  In fact, I would love to keep talking to you all day, since you’re actually talking to me as opposed to screaming and trying to rip off a lock of my hair so you can clone me or something crazy like that.  And it’s a nice break, too.  You ladies are the last ones.”  I look around, noticing that security is ushering the last of the girls out the door, and only Lizzie, Natalee, and I are left.  I notice Natalee introducing herself to Zayn, and Harry talking to one of the security guards by the door.


“Thanks,” I hear him say, and then he briskly walks back over to the rest of us.


Hmmm…. wonder what that was about?  And could it have anything to do with us being the last three girls?



(Natalee’s POV)


“Hey, Zayn, who’ve we got here?”  I hear a deep voice from behind me.  I’m having a conversation with Zayn Malik about music, and its probably the best conversation I’ve ever had.


“Harry, this is Natalee.  Natalee, Harry Styles.” I turn 90 degrees to my right to look slightly up at a boy with green eyes, a wide smile punctuated by dimples, and curly brown hair.  His eyes widen when they meet mine, and he stops for second, which would be barely imperceptible, except for the fact that he then clears his throat and continues, making the whole situation a little awkward.


“Nice to meet you, Natalee,” Harry says, pulling me into a bear hug before I can say anything in response.  When he finally lets go, I answer with a smile, trying to ignore Zayn’s snickering in the background.  Why is he laughing?


“Nice to meet you too, Harry.”


“I’m gonna go get some water,” Zayn says, still trying not to laugh—and failing.  He walks away, leaving Harry and me to talk to each other.


“So do you lovely ladies have tickets for the concert later tonight?”  He asks, still smiling that thousand-watt smile.


“Yep,” I reply, smiling in anticipation.  “We’re super excited.  They’re on the floor.” Even I am extremely excited for this concert.


“Wow, good seats then.  I’ll look for you there,” He says, somewhat cheekily.  I keep myself from rolling my eyes.  “And,” He says, in an announcer-sounding voice.  “There’s more!”


“What?” I say, I can’t help but laugh.  He looks so giddy about it all.  He pulls something out of his jacket pocket—three pieces of paper proclaiming ‘BACKSTAGE PASS’.


“Backstage passes.”  He says with a grin.  “You claim the real ones at Will Call when you get in, I’ll leave your names.”


“Really!?  Thank you!” I say.  Then I stop.  “But… We can’t take these, they’re so expensive.”  I try to hand them back to him.  He takes them, but then continues.


“You’re right, you can’t just have them for free,” He says, attempting to look thoughtful and failing miserably.  Then he acts like he’s had a great idea.  “How about instead of paying for them, you give me your number and we’ll call it even?  That way everyone’s happy.”  I blush.  Okay, that’s a strange turn of events.  Harry Styles wants my phone number.


“Umm… I guess that would be okay,” I reply, somewhat nervously.  I don’t care if he is Harry Styles; I’m basically giving my phone number to a complete stranger.  But on the flipside, if I turn down these backstage passes, Lizzie and SkylarAnne will never, ever speak to me ever again.  Ever.


“Great,” He says, handing me the backstage passes and his phone, with a new contact screen all pulled up.  I put in ‘Natalee’ with a dolphin emoji by it and then my number.  Then I hand him my phone so he can put in his number.  When I take it back I see that not only is his name ‘HARRY STYLES’ in all caps, he’s put a winky face and a kissy face next to his name.  I resist the urge to roll my eyes again as I tuck the phone and the pieces of paper to redeem the passes in by back pocket


“Thanks, Natalee.  I’ll be texting you,” He says with a wink.  I smile, cautiously, as he turns to face the boys.  “Let’s go talk to the others.”


After talking for about five more minutes with all of the boys, we say our goodbyes and leave.  Lizzie and SkylarAnne look heartbroken the second we leave, but they don’t know about the backstage passes I scored yet.


We walk back to the beach house in total and complete silence, with me holding in a smile the whole way.  I can’t wait to tell them about the backstage passes.


“Wow,” Lizzie says.  “That was great having that little extra time with them.  But it’s awful it ended when it did, Louis was in the middle of trying to get my number when security finally kicked us out!”


“That stinks!”  SkylarAnne, managing a small smile, says.


“Yeah,” I agree.  “Good thing it’s not really over, though.”  They look at me confused.


“Well, I know we’ve got the concert,” Lizzie says.  “But that’s not the same as talking to them.  There we really are just a part of the hordes of screaming girls.”


“Yeah, during the concert.”  I agree.  “But did you ever think about…. after?”  I say dramatically, pulling one of the backstage passes out of my pocket.


“What?!?!?!”  The other girls squeal, louder than I expected.


“Yep,” I say.  “Ya girl Natalee scored a backstage pass,”


“But there’s only one!” SkylarAnne realizes, her face falling.


“Is there?” That’s when I pull out the other two.


That’s when the hardcore fangirling really starts.  I cringe as their squeals get louder, and then all at once it’s over.  They look at me apologetically. 


“Sorry?”  SkylarAnne says sheepishly.


“Go ahead,” I laugh.


“Wait!”  Lizzie says suddenly, looking at me suspiciously.  “How did you get these?”


“A certain someone with certain curls may or may not have given them to me,”  I say.


“HARRY STYLES GAVE YOU BACKSTAGE PASSES?!?!?!?!?!?”  They scream in unison, loud enough for China to hear.


“Yeah,” I say, trying to keep a straight face.  I fangirl a little, I have to admit.


“But these are expensive backstage passes, Nat!  How did he just give you these?  I don’t understand!”  SkylarAnne says, as we walk into the kitchen to get drinks and food.  I grab lemonade, and Lizzie and SkylarAnne grab Cokes.


“Well, that’s what I told him, I told him that they were too expensive and that I couldn’t take them.  So then he said that if I gave him my phone number we’d call it even.”  I smile widely, the weight of what just happened sinking in.  “So then I was weighing my options in my head:  I can give a total stranger my phone number, or I can turn him down and have my best friends never speak to me again.  So I gave it to him.”  Lizzie starts coughing and choking on her Coke.  Luckily, SkylarAnne hasn’t started hers yet so she just stands with her mouth open.


“You.  Thought.  About.  Turning.  Harry.  Styles.  DOWN?!?!?” Lizzie yells.


“Well I don’t know him!”  I protest.  “You know how I am about these things!”


“Natalee, listen to me,” SkylarAnne says, somewhat condescendingly.  “When an attractive boy asks you for your phone number, especially and attractive boy named Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, or Zayn, you give it to him.  This is the life of a girl.”


“Well,” I say defensively.  “I gave it to him, okay?  So it’s all good.  Now we have three hours before the concert starts, and we’ve got to eat, and then I guess get ready?”  The girls look less annoyed with me now than before, when I said I almost turned down Harry Styles.


“Hey, Lizzie,” I say as I open the fridge.  “Now you can get Louis’ number tonight,”


I turn to look at her, and she’s grinning.  I turn back, smiling now too, and I grab stuff for my sandwich.

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