The eyes

Do you believe in vampires? Rachel moon, never did until she met one, or five. They met on purpose, or was it? She needs protection, for what she doesn't know might just kill her.


1. Rachel

I'm Rachel moon, I have long gold hair, and crystal ocean blue eyes. I'm 18 years old and my younger 15 year old sister lives with me in my apartment. She is quite mature for her age, her name is, Sydney. Are parents died last year, that's when I promised for the rest of my life I would watch out and care for Sydney, she is the best sister in the world! I have a part time job at drug mart, I already graduated form school. A college even asked me to go there but since are parents died, I wouldn't go because I wanted to stay here with my sister. She wouldn't have had anybody to watch her, she would be put up for adoption and I wouldn't not let that happen! I even signed paper work that shows I'm legally responsible for her. She has long blonde hair with hazel eyes. Today I have to take her to go get her tempts. As I'm getting ready to leave I grab her social security card and we both walk out the door down to my car. We get in and she says , " OMG! I'm so excited to get my tempts!" I laugh and say, "yeah I bet you are!"  She buckles her seat belt and so do I, then I start the engine and drive to her drivers test confirmation area. We finally get there and we walk in. When it was finally are turn I gave the mash the social security card and she took Sydney into another room to take her test. I sat in the chair in the waiting room and read a magazine, the magazine had a bunch of stuff about one direction, wow these boys just became famous, they were on the xfactor, wow there are pale, but hot. The blonde one caught my eye. About an hour later Sydney finished her test and she....... PASSED!!!! She started to jump up and down in excitement. Wow she is such a five year old. She got her picture taken and got her tempts card. We walked out and she asks, " can I drive?" I then say , " sorry but not this time." We finally get home and I ask her, " what do you want for lunch?" She the. Says , "hamburgers!" I cooked them on the oven and we ate them. Then we started to watch tv and we a channel that is at a concert , hmmm ...... Five boys, oh that's one direction! Sydney starts squealing and I can tell she loves them. They are singing a song called kiss you. Wow it feels like they can see my right through the tv for some reason. They're looking straight at the camera, but it's impossible for them to see me. After they stop singing the blonde one says, "And in two weeks we'll be having another concert in Idaho!" What! That's where me and Sydney live!  

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