The eyes

Do you believe in vampires? Rachel moon, never did until she met one, or five. They met on purpose, or was it? She needs protection, for what she doesn't know might just kill her.


4. I don't know but do you?

Rachel POV

       The next day I decided to take a walk down by the lake in the woods. I like peaceful areas like that. They make me feel relaxed and I can take my mind off my parents. I walk to the lake and sit down with my feet just barely touching the ice cold water. It felt relaxing, sitting on the summer grass, my feet barefooted leaning over the crystal blue water.  I looked up and the trees were leaned over me and it was very shady. Then I felt watched, it made all of the good feelings disappear into a mist. I stood up and slipped my shoes on. I looked side to side but not one soul was here. I started to walk again and the feeling grew ten times more then it was before. I was then jogging my way out of there until....... A man. He is standing in front of me, he is staring at me. It feels like he is looking right through my soul. He then grins and lifts his head up so I can see his face. He has dirty blonde hair and dark red eyes! He licks his lip and says , " Awwww sweetheart I'm not going to hurt you." He gets closer by a few steps and now he is only ten inches away from me. I start to get panicky and my hands were shaky and sweaty. He laughs a little but then.... Somebody runs up and pushes him away from me. The person that ran up and pushed that guy had his half turned to me so I can't see his face, but I know he has blonde hair. He then turns around, Niall? He grabs my hand and runs with me, Jesus why the hell is he so fast???!!!! He then grabs my entire body and carries me bridal style. We run and eventually get to his house. He opens the door , walks ups to his room , and lays me on his bed. Then Niall asks , l are you ok!!??? Did he hurt you ??!!"  He seemed very panicked and frustrated and protective of me. I grab his hand and say, "Niall I'm ok, calm down ." He takes a deep breath in and says, " ok I did. Rachel I have to tell you a secret, you have to swear you will never tell a single soul!" I nod my head and say, " I promise, go ahead tell me." He then says , "ok.....well this isnt easy so here it goes...... I'm a........"

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