The eyes

Do you believe in vampires? Rachel moon, never did until she met one, or five. They met on purpose, or was it? She needs protection, for what she doesn't know might just kill her.


2. Forcing into reality

Rachel POV 

        After we heard what Niall said on telivision, Sydney totally freaked out. After her fan girling she says, "we have to go to it!" I shake my head no and she then says with puppy eyes, "oh please Rachel, this is the one concert they will probably ever have by where we live!" I sigh and say, "fine, and your 15, quit acting like your seven." She completely ignored the ending part and started to jump up and down in excitement. She called her friends and they were going to. It's in two weeks but I heard that they are gonna be actually here tommorow. The concert is in two weeks but they'll be coming here Tomorrow. The next day came and Sydney went to school like usual. I stayed home and cleaned up a bit. I then decided to go take a jog. I started to outside and I went at a easy pace. I closed my eyes and let the wind hit my face, I wasn't even paying attention to where I was walking, I opened back up my eyes and.....FUCK!!!! I'm in the middle of the street and a huge truck is sleek my towards my way, I froze up and couldn't move, I just got to scared. I closed my eyes waiting for it, but no hit, what I did feel was a huge body pull me away, I felt wind hit my face. I opened up my eyes and I was in an alley, did someone kidnap me?i then saw a boy standing in front of me. He then asks, "are you ok love?" This boy has blonde hair with eyes that seem to keep changing color between blue and gold. I stutter and ask , " who are you?" He gets closer to me and kneels down, I'm on the ground right now and leaning up against the wall so he adjusts his hight to mine and whispers, "I'm not going to hurt you, I swear it !" I then nod my head slowly and he helps me up. He then asks, " can I tell you a secret." I nod my head and he says , "I'm that boy, Niall, from one direction, don't tell know one! I don't want the boys catching me with an immortal." I tilt my head in confusment and he gets super close to my ear and whispers, " you'll find out eventually." 

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