The eyes

Do you believe in vampires? Rachel moon, never did until she met one, or five. They met on purpose, or was it? She needs protection, for what she doesn't know might just kill her.


7. Am i seeing things?

Rachel POV

          After Sydney and I ate dinner i went to bed, that couldnt of been a dream earlier, it felt to real.

Niall POV


            I was laying on my couch staring up at the ceiling thinking about Rachel when all the sudden the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it, it was my best friend, Louis.  He then says in excitment, "whats up my brother from another mother!!!" i tilt my head at his stupidity and just roll my eyes and go back to lay on the couch. He then asks, "whats the matter, you seem upset?" I look at him with a depressing face and just go back to looking at the tv. He asks, "was it those doosh bag evil vamps again?" I then look at him and say, "i dont want to talk about it." Louis: "Maybe you should talk about it, you seem like a little girl who lost her puppy." Niall: "shut up lou, i said i don't want to talk about it and that's final, i'm just glad you're not Zayn." Louis: "Well yeah you should be glad since Zayn can read minds, but hey! I'm the one who can make humans do what i say!" Niall: "yeah, and that's just gay." Louis: "Shut up, no its not, i probably have the best vamp power out of all you peeps!" Niall: You're such a tard." Louis: "well quit being a party pooper, the rest of the boys will be here soon!" Niall: "whatever." 

Louis POV


          Niall's going to regret ever getting sassy with me. Zayn is coming over and i'm going to make him read Nialls mind, mwahahahah *cough* *cough*. Then after my awful laugh the door bell rings and I speed to the door and open it for the boys. I then say, "guys Niall is in the living room, Zayn i need to talk to you in the kitchen NOW!!!!"  I pull Zayn into the kitchen and then i ask


Louis: "Zayn.. Niall is really upset and i need to know why, there is smething more than he is actually telling me." Zayn: "Maybe he doesn't want you to know for a reason." Louis: "I dont care what the reason is, just do it!!!!! please." Zayn: ughuhuhuh Fine.... mom" 

Zayn POV

   I walk into the loving room and focus hard and stare at Niall, oh no this isn't good. I run back into the kitchen where Louis is and tell him 

Zayn: "Niall helped a girl by the name of Rachel, she almost got hit and he helped her, He was almost going to tell her about what he is! but before he did she passed out, and he let her use his bed but when he went to go sleep on the couch she was kidnapped by you know who and he found out and went to save her, they were both kidnapped and tied up in a barn when Niall broke the rope and took her back to her house, she was passed out already so he laid her on her bed and went home!" 

Louis: "jesus christ!" Zayn: "i know this isn't good, i think he also is growing feelings for her, this could be a problem.

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