The Bully

Katy's first day at school is going good. She swears that her day goes bad when she bumped into Niall or as she calls him, "Mr. Blondie". The two go at it almost everyday, but one night there fighting ends. I wonder why.


2. It All Changes

Its morning time. Bummer. That's the time I have to get ready for school. I hate school! Okay, I don't hate school. I just don't like it.

I brushed my hair and put it in a pony tail. Then I put my favorite shirt on. It's a gray crop top shirt that says "Infinity" then it shows the infinity sign below " infinity". I put on my skinny jeans and my blue converse. I'm in love with converse. I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. No one was there so I just left.

I was walking to school and I saw Mr.Blondie. Sorry, I mean Niall.

"Are you stalking me?" He asked. What a stupid boy.

"Never in your wildest dream." I just kept on walking trying to ignore him.

"Why are you so grouchy?" He asked. I'm not grouchy!

"Why are you so annoying?" I fired back.

"Is it because you have no friends?" He totally ignored what I said. And plus, I do have a friend.

"Please, I have friends. And when I say friends I mean a real friend. Not your possy-whatever you call them. The only reason they're your friend is because you're considered popular." Burn baby, burn!

I didn't hear anything. I couldn't see him because I was looking straight and he was across the street from me.

"What's wrong Mr.Blondie?" I asked still facing foward.

I finally looked at him. I couldn't help it. He kept on walking, but he looked angry.

I went across the street to see what was wrong with him. I finally was behind him. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing." He said. He tried not to reveal it, but I notice some hurt in those words.

I ran in front of him making him stop. His face was down and I lifted it up with my two fingers. His eyes were teary.

"Oh my, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" He just ignored me. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I just go on beast mode when someone says something rude. What I said wasn't true. I'm pretty sure that you have plenty of true friends. Do you forgive me?" I felt so guilty.

"No. Your probably just lying so I won't feel bad. That's the exact thing my father said. It's okay be honest." Uh oh. It's going to get emotional up in here.

"No, you do have friends. Way more than me. I only have one and you have like...the whole school. To be honest I'm pretty sure you have at least one fake friend. Everybody has those once in a while. I'm so sorry." I feel like a good person now, kind of.

He rubbed his eyes. "Fine. I forgive you, but I'm pretty sure you have more than one friend." He must be stupid.

"Me? Have more than one friend. Hmmm...that hasn't happened in a while. Everybody- except for Ariana-" When I said Ariana Niall's smile turned into a frown, but I just ignored him. "-has basically been mean to me. I'm use to it, but still. I was hoping that this would be a better school than my last school. Well it is, but people are still mean to me. Including you," I told him.

"I'm not mean to you." He did not just say that. OMG! Boys, ugh.

"Really? You bumped into me making me fall and my belongings scatter and you had a pretty good laugh at it. I'm pretty sure you guys talked bad about me after that." I served him right.

"I just wanted to make my people laugh. Look, I'm the bad guy in school. I don't need my friends to think that I'm turning gooey in the heart."

"Gooey in the heart? How is saying 'sorry' being gooey in the heart."

"Nah, I rather be popular," seriously?

I walked to the other side of the road and kept walking ignoring him. We didn't say a word after that.

Once again, I walk through the scary hallway where anything can happen. I found my locker and heard some laughter behind me. It was Niall and his possy. How did he get there so fast?

I heard someone whisper "She's such a freak. No wonder she doesn't have friends." Then I heard,"I was in her school last year and she was the biggest dork ever. She would humiliate herself in front of the whole school." The last comment...he sounds familiar. Is, it can't be.

I turned around and turn right back around. Yes, it is. It's...Brandon.

A tear rolled down my cheek. The memories were coming back. I try not to think about them and get through my day.


School was finally over and I was walking home. Ariana didn't come to school today so I had to walk home by myself. I saw Niall and just wanted to ignore him.

"Katy?". I just kept on walking. I heard footsteps come nearer and nearer to me. They were finally in front of me. I looked up and it was Niall.

"Look, I'm sorry I didn't say anything to defend you. I didn't know what to say. Did Brandon really use to go to your school?" The mention of tore my heart. Brandon was in the past and I wanted to keep it that way. A tear rolled down my cheek.

"Just leave me alone. I don't want to talk to you." More tears started to roll down my face.

"Your going to my house today! You know that, right?" He is such a jerk.

"Just leave me alone!"I said.

I ran to my house- which is not that far from my school - and barged in. Then I went straight up to my room and cried. I became sleepy and I fell asleep.

You all should know... I like to sleep.


"Katy! Wake up!" My mom mom screamed at me. "We're going to the neighbors house. Hurry and get ready." No! No! No!

I put on my boots and went downstairs. My mom and dad were walking out the door. I followed them out and closed the door behind me. We arrived at the door step and my dad knocked on the door.

"Hi Mr. And Mrs.Perry. Hi Katy. Welcome, welcome." Okay...his mom is...great. "Niall go take your guest upstairs." Oh no!

"Yes mom, follow me Katy." I followed him upstairs to his room. After Niall and I got in his room he closed the door.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Why are you so agry with me?" He asked

"Your being such a jerk." I yelled, but not too loud.

"How am I being a jerk?" He asked a little Louder than me.

"Your'e being so mean to me and I didn't do a thing to you." I said tearing up.

"Oh, now your going to cry. I'm out of here." He reached to grab the door, but I grabbed him by the arm.

"No! I'm tired of people walking out on me!" I was so angry.

"Let go of me!" He said. I kept ahold of him.

"No! I've been made fun of for my whole life and I'm tired of it. At a moment I thought you were different, but turns out that your just a bully and a bystander." I told him angrily.

Niall grabbed my wrist and swung me closer to him. "I've been bullied too and I don't want to get bullied again. I know the pain." He said even angrier than me.

I got closer to him until our noses touched. "Then why do you let others go through the pain?" I asked. I was being 100% serious.

There was a moment of silent. "Are you-" I was cut off. Niall's soft, pure pressed against my lips. It was...perfect.


Ahhhhh! Guys this is the cutest thing ever!!!!!! This part is actually based off of my dream.

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