You & I

"I can't help but try and find my princess in the crowd one day" ~Niall


1. You & I

Paiges POV

I was awoken at 6 o'clock in the morning to the sound of my alarm, I open my eyes and it was pitch black in my room. I managed to maneuver around my room to the light switch. I then hit off on my alarm clock. I walked over to my closet and search through it to find an outfit to wear. When my eyes landed upon of pair of leggings with Batman black and white symbols on it. Then I grab my sweatshirt that says boy bands ruined my life which is also black-and-white. I got my UGGs and sat on my bed I put them on. I then walked over to my mirror and grabbed my hairbrush. I got the knots out of my hair then I walked to the bathroom to wash my face. After I brushed my teeth and I applied some light make up. I Apply deodorant and then walked to my room and picked up Our moment by one direction perfume. I sprayed it in a Z formation. I walked back-and-forth through the mist. I double checked in The mirror to check if I was already to go. But then I realized I still had about 10 minutes before the bus will arrive so I grabbed my straightener and I straightened my hair. Next thing I knew I heard the horn from the bus outside I got my backpack and I got my beanie I put it on I grabbed a piece of toast and hugged my mom goodbye I walked onto the bus and sat down in the back, since of course it was winter and the heater was at the back of the bus. I also usually sit back there because I wasn't the most popular kid in school and I really don't like to be seen by as others would say "popular" kids who seat in the front of the bus, I just think they're a bunch of stuck up Rich kids who think they are better then everyone else, because there dad or moms own everything in this town.

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