It can be love


2. this could be good after all

During lunch the blonde haired girl came her name was Delilah. She was hanging on to Harry as if she was his girlfriend but he just pushed her away, so I'm guessing they weren't dating. Soon Niall came over he asked if I was ready for the *tour* of the school. We went to all the classes the bathrooms, Library, then gym. We walked inside the gym and he passed me a basketball, "do you play" he asked. "Ya but I wouldn't say I'm go-" I was cut off by him grabbing the ball from my hand and made a shot. I gave him a sly grin before I dribbled the ball to the other side of the court then I threw it and the ball made it in. "Yesss" I said with a huge smile on my face, Niall was astonished. He stopped the game and said "wait Jennifer, if I make this shot will you go out with me"

I thought for a second and quickly said yes "but you can't do it facing the hoop that's too easy so turn around" he gave me a sly smirk then turned around. He kissed the ball witch made me laugh. Once he threw it the ball landed on the hoop but it fell off. He looked so upset, I felt bad. He went to go sit on the bleachers and I sat next to him " you know what we can go out, it almost made it in..." A big smile grew in his face. Then the bell rang and Niall quickly kissed me on the cheek and ran out. I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling. As I was walking to health class Delilah pushed me to the ground causing all my books to fall and the bell rang. " great I'm gonna be late again" I mumbled to myself. I looked up and saw Harry he had his hand out to help me up so i grabbed it and got up. I rushed away not wanting what happened earlier to happen again. "Wait don't go I just wanted to say... Sorry, I didn't know what I was doing. It's just that... You were so pretty and I...I" Harry said in ashamed voice. "It's ok I'm sorry I pushed you off me so hard... I was just.. Scared" I said a little embarrassed. "So ca n we be friends still"he asked. " ofcourse but we should get to class now"I said waiting for him to come with me.

*at home*

This was a weird first day but it was nice, I thought to myself. I only had one homework so I finished it and went downstairs to eat. "Hey sweetheart how was school today" my dad said kissing my forehead. " great!... Oh and dad I'm going out later with a friend, do you mind" I said stuffing my face with my sandwich "no.go ahead I see you made new friends" he said with a smirk. I got upstairs to get out my outfit. It was a red crop-top sweater a black skirt and red and black shoes. I ran to my phone that was ringing it was Niall, I forgot it gave him my number. "Hello" I answered "oh her Jen I'm gonna be there in about half an hour, ok I'll call you when I'm downstairs.

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