Thirteen Friends

A short story about a kid with imaginary friends


2. Thirteen

After I got home from school today my mom had a bag of cookies ready for me. My friends were waiting for me by the stairway, and we all went upstairs to my room. We were all playing "Simon Says" when my mom opened the door, and it slammed into Georgia (one of my imaginary friends.)

I screamed, and ran over to Georgia. On my way over to her I purposely slapped my mom in the face, and she forced me to take a walk outside.

I took my friends with me, stamping my feet, and crossing my arms. It was cold, and I was wearing my puffy coat with my 13 imaginary friends beside me.

I think I was out of the neighborhood now, but I wasn't sure because I wasn't paying attention. I fell backwards, and I hit my head pretty hard.

One, two, three... I woke up. Wasn't sure what that counting was about, but I know I blacked out. When I opened my eyes I saw 14 heads staring at me. 13 of which I knew, one unfamiliar looking face. She looked normal, and she gave me her hand, and lifted me up.

"Hi" I said.

"Hi, my name is Thirteen" she said.

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