Thirteen Friends

A short story about a kid with imaginary friends


3. Our friends

 I was invited to  Thirteen's house later on that evening. She offered me a sandwich, which I enjoyed, but it tasted kind of funny. I decided not to say anything. Thirteen acted shy around me, and i don't know why because she was my real friend, my ( first ) real friend.

 I asked her if I could see her room, but she denied it. It was strange how she was acting around me, but I just ignored it. My mom would be so happy that I made a real friend.

 I never saw Thirteen's parents. I asked her where they were, but she changed the subject.

 "So, what are your friends names?" asked Thirteen.

 "What?, you are my only friend.

 "No, your other friends, the ones you were walking with when I accidentally knocked you over."

 At this point I was very confused. They were my imaginary friends. How could she know about them, I never told her I had imaginary friends.

 I just decided to tell her anyway.

 "My friends names are Georgia, Taylor, Jessie, Megan, Andy, David, Cassidy, Sarah, Morgan, Haley, Will, Peter, and Layla. 

 "Great! It will be good to get to know them." Said Thirteen.

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