(Harry Styles Dark/Punk-ish AU)

"I'm a girl. I overreact. I underestimate. I overestimate. I over think everything. I dream big. But when I say I love you, don't take it as a joke because I don't lie about that shit!"


"If you bite my lip or kiss my neck, I promise to rip your fucking clothes off."

And my lips met his again, and I pulled back with his bottom lip between my teeth.


"When we first met, I had no idea you'd become so important to me."

"Well forget about me.. Because I'm gone."


"People change."

"You didn't change! You threw your life away and forgot who the fuck you were."


"You've lost your mind"

"No I didn't ! I got sick of losing people that I care about, so excuse me, but today, I give a fuck."


4. Chapter Four .

~~"Are you sure this looks okay?" I asked Perrie. I have no idea what kind of party this was, but we got ready at her place and she made me wear this, and I was having a hard time feeling comfortable in it.


“For the last time. YES!” She joked. I sighed before we continued our way up the driveway.

I didn’t tell Lauren I was going to this party , I just told her Perrie invited me over to a sleep over. So.. I guess we’re okay!


“Hey baby” Zayn come over and the 2 were immediately in a make out session. God damn.


“hey Audrina” He waved at me and I waved back, looking around at all the people. I never really went to these things. They never really interested me.


“I’m gonna go get a drink!” I called over the music. Perrie gave me a thumbs up, keeping her mouth attached to her boyfriends.




“What would you like pretty lady?” A guy asked me. He was pretty attractive. He had a lip ring and his hair was blonde.


“Anything that’ll make this night go by faster” He smiled before handing me a shot.


“I’m Luke by the way.” Oh hey, he through a party that made Zayn late for school


“Audrina” I replied. He smiled at me before handing out some more drinks.


“I’ll see you around, yeah?” He asked, I nodded my head before watching him go off. He gave me another shot before he did so. This shit burns the throat.


“What’re you doing here?” I turned around and almost dropped my drink when I saw Harry standing behind me.


“Umm.. Why not?” I asked, trying to take the shot like it didn’t bother me. As much as he kinda scared me, I still wanted him to like me a bit so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.


“Aren’t you the type who stay at home and do homework on a Friday night?” He smirked, taking a shot and taking it down. HOW DID HE DO THAT?


“Good girls are just bad girls that never get caught” I told him.


“Oh yeah? Show me” He challenged. Fuck.


“I don’t have to prove anything to you , Harry” I told him, taking my other shot.


“Yeah, cause it’s bullshit” He replied. I glared at him.


“You don’t know me Harry!”


“And I don’t want too”


“Why are you so rude?”


“Why do you judge people so easily?” It’s like talking to a wall.


“I don’t”


“And I’m not rude” He smirked before turning around.


“Hey! I’m not done talking to you” He turned to face with a serious tone on my face. He came close and towered over me.


“You don’t know me. I don’t care about you, so leave me alone.” He hissed before finally walking away.


Is it bad that I just got shivers through my whole body?


I shook it off and turned around, taking some dudes shot and taking it down.


Ass hole.


Harry’s POV :


I took some dudes shot and found Zayn and Perrie.


“Hey bro, where ya been?” Zayn asked, keeping his girl close to him.

“I ran into Audrina. I don’t like her” Perrie frowned.


“Why? What happened?”


“I just don’t like her.”


“She’s really not that bad Harry, you jus-”


“-Why are you so fucking hung up on me liking her? I don’t, and I don’t want her around me!”


“Well I like her and she’s gonna be around”


“Both of you , stop” Louis cut in, coming out of nowhere. “Are you honestly still bitching about the new girl?” He asked, a beer in his hand.


“She’s rude, she’s conceited , and she thinks she’s top shit. I don’t’ like her” I went on.


“Sounds like someone I know..” I Perrie murmured.


“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I snapped. Zayn stood in front of her.


“Cool it dude.” I rolled my eyes before taking a swing of my beer. “And you.. Stop” He warned Perrie. She shook it off and headed to a different direction. I followed her with my eyes and groaned when she landed with Audrina.


“What’s so great about her? She’s new and annoying” I muttered.


“I just don’t see why you’re so upset about it. She seems cool” Zayn spoke up. I didn’t even know what to say to him. I didn’t have a real reason to not like her, I just didn’t.




“Guys, I can’t find Audrey” Perrie exclaimed, after a few hours of not being around us.


“What a shame” I smirked. But the look on her face told me she was actually worried.


“I’ve looked everywhere.. She’s supposed to be coming home with me tonight”


“So you’re not coming home with me?” Zayn joked, kissing her head. Ew. Couples.


“Zayn I’m serious ! I don’t know where she is and I’m getting worried because I’m gonna be in shit if something happened to her so I can’t find her I don’t know what to do!” She kept rambling and I awkwardly left the conversation.


I stopped myself though.


‘We ALL look out for each other in our group’ I’d always gone by that. I was thinking about what happened with Eleanor yesterday. What if something did happen?


“Who was she last with, Perrie?” I asked, going back to the group.


“Oh, so now you all of a sudden care? God Harry, you’re such a dick sometimes!” I rolled my eyes.


“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”


“I don’t know who she was with. But no one can find Klint either.” My eyes widened.


“Klint as in Klint Clark?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Why the FUCK is he here?” I snapped.


I didn’t even wait for an answer. I was gone. And I wasn’t in such a rush to find them for her safety, but because I wanted to knock him out so bad. I told him to never step foot on this side of town again.


“K. I don’t like you! Go away!” That was definitely Audrina’s whiny voice.


I turned a corner to an alley to see her against a wall and of course, Klint, trying to feel her up.


“Let me go douche bag!”


“Shh.. No one has to know.”


“Please! Stop!” I could tell she was scared out of her mind, and a small part of me honestly felt bad for her.


Audrina’s POV :


I have no idea how I ended up out here. THIS IS WHY I DON’T DRINK! But I ended up meeting this Klint guy who told me lovely things, but he was being a douch bag.


“Please! Stop!” I whimpered. I didn’t like the way he was touching me


“Remember the nice things I said to you baby girl? I can make it happen” He whispered, kissing against my neck. I kneed his gut and he let out a grunt, before backing up a bit.


I walked back before hitting someone, or something? I turned up to see no other, Harry. THANK GOD!


I didn’t care about the argument we had earlier, I knew he could fight because I kinda witnessed it.


“Hi! Nice to see you again Harry, I kinda-”


“Shut up and stand back” he cut me off, keeping his eyes on Klint who was holding the exact same glare. I nodded my head before turning my lazy ass behind him.


He walked over and took a good swing at Klint.


“I told you to never come back on this fucking side of town again!” He hissed, punching him again. Oh fuck. GO HARRY GO GO, GO HARRY!


But I got nervous when Klint punched him back again in the jaw, but then Harry absolutely lost it and was on top of him.




“Come back on this terf and I will kill you. And I will make sure that slut of a girlfriend you have gets to watch the whole fucking thing! I will do it slowly and painfully. Got it!?” Slutty girlfriend? Who?


“O-okay” Klint huffed out, barely being able to move. I kinda giggled when Harry spat on him and stood up.


He looked at me once before grabbing my arm and dragging me away.

“Thanks.. For that.”


“Listen to me.” He stood in front of me. “If you ever see that prick around her again, do NOT go near him. Do you understand that? He will hurt you physically and mentally. Tell me if you see him. Got it?” My eyes were just wide and I had no idea what he was talking about. Too many drinks I think.


“Right.. Thanks though!” he huffed before straightening himself out.


“Don’t get used to it” And then he was gone.


A man in the night just disappearing. I was in complete shock.


“Audrina!” I walked back into the party and was attacked by Perrie.


“What the fuck! Where were you?”


“J-just outside”


“Where’s Harry?”


“Um.. I’m not exactly sure.”


Harry’s POV :


“OHH FUCK HARRY!” After when more thrust I emptied my load into the condom. I pissed with the fact that Klint thought it was fine to just come back. I was pissed that Audrina thought she could just show up and everyone would like her, I WAS JUST PISSED!


And Claire was always the best person to let it out on.


“Thanks for coming over..” I murmured, laying beside her, catching my own breath. I turned my head to look at her and sighed when I saw the bruise on her neck. “Sorry.. About that” I traced my thumb over the mark and she giggled.


“It’s fine.. It was sexy” She winked before rolling over and kissing me roughly. “But I gotta go now. I kinda ditched my boyfriend for this” I smiled before sitting up.


Plot twist? Claire is Klint’s girlfriend.


“Give him my best” I smirked, laying back down as she put her clothes back on.


“Yeah.. Because that’s such a good idea” She replied, putting her coat on.


I smiled before she was gone. I looked up at my ceiling and sighed. I could hear talking from outside my window and it got me curious. I knew the voices and I knew Audrina didn’t live far from here. But I didn’t think she’d go home tonight.


I got up and looked outside. Yup, it was her and… Luke!?


“My house is just up here” She told him. What the hell?


“Oh hey! That’s Harry’s house?” I dodged out of he way so they wouldn’t see me. Damn Luke for telling her. I looked back out, to only see Audrina looking at it. “Hey Claire” Fuck. She came outside and they had small conversation. But I could just tell something was gonna happen between her and Audrina.

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