When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


6. Saber Who?! What?!

I whirled around, pushing Clint begin me in order to protect him from the new arrival. And then another scent attacked my nose. I relaxed slightly at the scent. It was my uncle. Also known by people as the Wolverine. 

Fangs protruded from my mouth, claws extended out, and I let out a loud warning growl to whoever was there with my uncle. 

I received an answering growl that put me on edge. I pushed him farther back, making sure I could protect him. 

I summoned fire as my hair, making sure that it stayed there. And only there. 




Wolverine came flying, with his claws out,after a large, burly man that was extremely hairy and smelled like a brewery. His hair was longer than mine, he had dirt clinging to him like a cloud, grime that stuck to him like glue with a mixture of sweat. Blood was seeping out of his arm and he was angry. 

"Hello there, girly." He said to me, inching towards me quickly before Uncle Logan could get to him. 

Lunging, he swiped at me, I growled in anger and blocked him and landed a swipe on his face.

"Kid!" Logan cried as this guy attacked again. 

I growled at him, grabbed his arms, flung him over my body, slammed him into the ground and clawed his stomach. His other wounds were healed. 

Of course they were. Why wouldn't they be? Just like Uncle Logan and I. Wonderful. 

"Back away from her, SaberTooth!" Logan snarled at the big hunk of meat that was currently trying to rip out my throat. 

"Why, Logan? She a pet o' yours?" SaberTooth snapped back with an evil grin.

I glowered at him, but before I could do anything, Logan and Clint both jumped at him, defending me and my honour. 

"She is NOT A PLAY THING OR A PET!" They both screamed loudly at SaberTooth. 

"Hawk." Logan said in acknowledgment to Hawkeye. 

"Wolverine." Hawkeye answered back. 

They both attacked SaberTooth, and then, he was running away with his tail between his legs (literally) when someone told him to retreat. I heard it coming out of an earpiece. Uncle Logan heard it too. 

"Bub!" Logan growled out in anger, preparing to go after him. 

Quickly, I raced in front of him, grabbed him by his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. He was weary, tired, and healing his entire body all at once. But, I had not thought about his claws and they stabbed me in my abdomen. I ignored it all the same. 

That stopped him, and I gently pulled his claws out of my body with a grimace. His eyes looked down at what he (thinks) did. He recoiled from my touch, afraid to hurt me again. 

"Logan..." I said gently as I pulled my shirt up to show him my stomach. It was almost healed, just tiny pink scratches there now. "I'm fine." 

And then I was in a back-breaking, bone-crushing hug. He pulled me into his arms and crushed me with them. He breathed in my scent to make sure I was fine, real, and healed. 

A jealous growl jolted him slightly away from me. 

"Abs..." Hawkeye grounded out my name in fury. "What. Is. Going. On. Between. You. AND. HIM?!"

I couldn't help what I did next, I threw my arms around Logan's broad shoulders and pulled him closer to me. 

"Oh! Logan! How would I have survived without you here to help protect me?!" I cried out in the worst damsel in distress voice I could muster. 

Logan seemed to catch on fairly quickly and held me tighter, "Well, you didn't have much in means of protection did you, Abbie Bell?" He said with a smirk thrown to Hawkeye. 

Hawkeye did even attempt to pull me away from Logan, instead he stormed off from us. 

"Hawkeye! He's my guardian! Pretty much he's my uncle!!" I called out to his retreating body. 

He stopped and flew back to me, picking me up in his arms and pulling me to him, blocking me from Logan. 

Logan was glaring at the PDA that Hawkeye was giving so boldly in front of him to me. "Release her. Now." He growled. 

Hawkeye ignored him and instead kissed me gently on the lips. 

Wonderful. Now Logan was going to kill the one boy that I had been in love with since I was in grade school. 

"Logan!" I snapped at my uncle in protest to his growing rage. 

"Kid, let my Abbie Bell go or you will know pain."

I sighed, knowing there was no way to change this. I pulled my body from Hawkeye's grasp and skipped over to Logan. 

Who then proceeded to throw me onto his back as he had many times, and run to the office, following my old scent trail. 

We arrived back in the conference room like this. Me looking disheveled and flushed from the run, Logan looking extremely PO'D from what just happened with SaberTooth and Hawkeye. And Hawkeye arriving a few more minutes behind us, looking incredibly angry and flustered.

"Coulson. I'm going to dispose of this...thing." Logan growled as he put me down in a corner then ran quickly around and put half Tony Stark and half Iron Man, Bruce Banner, and Thor around me like guards so I couldn't see how he was about to decimate Clint. 

Then he turned around and growled ferociously at him. Mom and Dad just stood there and watched on. I couldn't see, but I didn't hear them start to move, say anything, or try to stop Logan. And I knew that I wasn't going I be able to do anything unless it was knock sense into them about being at MY HIGH SCHOOL!! 

So, I did. By saying, "Logan! My high school!" 

"Right. Let's go, Bub." Logan said as he ran out of the room, with, I presume Clint in tow. 

"Sooo.... What do we do now?" I asked. 

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