When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


9. Revelations

"That don't mean I approve, Bub!" Logan growled at Clint as I helped him up again. 

I rolled my eyes, "Snuff it, Logan." I said. 

"Sweetheart, what's going on? Why are you helping Hawkeye up?" Dad asked me as he and Mom joined us. 

"Well, it's not like I can just leave my boyfriend laying on the ground bleeding all over the place." 

Dad's face froze.

Mom growled and launched herself over the windshield of the car, over dad, over the other avengers, landing on Stark's back, kicked off of him, and landed in front of us. 

"Hi, Mom." I said.

"Release him, Abigail."

I wasn't even holding him anymore, I was being used as a cane, he was leaning on me. And I told her as much. 

"Alright, release her, Hawkeye."

He did. And then Mom punched him and he fell down again. 


"What was that for, Widow?!" Banner demanded, running forward to Clint's side. 

"I needed to establish that we will destroy him if he ever hurts my baby again!" She growled lowly. 

"I thought Claw Boy over here had done enough of that." Tony snapped. 

"As did I." Thor said. 

"Yeah." Cap and Dad said in unison. 

Mom whirled on Dad, ready to yell at him. 

"Don't, Nat, I know. But have you seen the condition the poor boy is in?"

"Yes, but did that stop me? No. You want to know why?! BECAUSE SHE IS MY BABY GIRL!"

"Calm down, Nat."

She glared at dad even more intensely. 

"Dad, word of the wise, NEVER tell a woman to calm down. EVER!" I said. 

"Sorry." He whispered. 

"Right, so everyone good now?" Cap asked wearily. 

"I'm fine." I said. 

"Same." Chorused out The boys save for Clint. 

"Mmmaaaooorrrrrr" moaned Clint. 

"Let's go." I said. And flew up into the air as ice. And my clothes changed again! 

The same as before except blue undershirt and everything else was white. 

And they threw Clint into the back of the car and everyone else piled in and took off. 

We were back on our way to my house. My home. The place where many memories lay. 

It was thrilling to be flying through the air with ice, the tingly sensation was amazing on my skin. 

And I beat everyone to the house, but I didn't stop. I kept flying. Laughing, being a child. It was something I hadn't done in quite some time. And it felt great. 

I could feel my magic coursing through my body, it was like liquid lightning. Wonderful, addicting, and I wanted more of it. It was brilliantly amazing.

"Hey, Hot Shot! Mind slowing down a bit and talking with dear old Uncle Tony?" Stark called out from behind me. 

I grumbled but slowed down all the same. 

"Thank you. You must've been going at least Mach Nine! And my suit can't even do that. That's truly amazing. Jarvis, get to work on the equations it would take in order for us to go that fast." 

I smirked. I could do something better than Thor and Iron Man. "What is it you'd like to talk about, Uncle Tony?" I asked. 

He smiled at me, enjoying this I guess. 

"I'm about to tell you why you're in danger. Your father and new boyfriend aren't going to tell you. Not with Banner, Rogers, or Thor... Well, he might. But everyone else is a no go."

"Okay. What is it?"

"Loki." Was all he said. 

I stiffened. Everyone knew about Loki. About how gorgeous he is, how evil and cunning he can be, and what he did in New York less than a year ago. 

"What about him?"

"He's been spying on you. He let it slip a while back during New York."


"To be fair, we didn't exactly know who he was talking about at first."

"At first? You mean you found out right after New York, don't you. Within the same week span, don't you?"


"I'm going to kill them."

"Don't do anything hasty, now. Abs, you don't understand how troubling it can be to learn that your only daughter is in danger from the one man that almost killed you or your husband."

"No, but you do?" I snapped at him. 

"Well, no, but I saw the Hell they went through trying to be able to protect you without having to tell you. But he's gotten out of the Asgaridan prison. And he's on the loose. We had no choice but to find you and let you know. Even if a lot of people are too hesitant to tell you. It's the right thing to do."

"Since when do you do what's right?"

"Since I almost lost the love of my life."

That sobered me up. He was right, going through something like that would change a person. "Alright. Let's get down there, everyone's here now." I sighed. 

"Thanks, Abbie."

"Yeah..." I touched down and stopped the use of my powers. Returning to he normal state that I was usually in. 

"Love? We need to tell you something." Mom said, getting out of the car normally. 

"That Loki is after me? For unknown reasons? That you've known for quite some time an yet haven't told me?" I asked tiredly. I was drained. 

She paled, looked between me and Tony, and put the pieces together. "Stark! Seriously?!"

"My goddaughter. My choice. My information. Yes, seriously."

"Um, what?! Goddaughter?!"

"Oh... Yeah. Phil and Tony have known each other a lot longer than what the public seems to think." Mom said. 

"Interesting. So, I have like three dads... Daddy, Daddy Logan, and now Daddy Tony. Strange if you ask me."

"And three uncles!" Cap said enthusiastically. 

I laughed. My family had indeed augmented. 

"Thanks, Uncle Captain America... No, that doesn't sound right... Uncle Steven sounds better." I said. 

"How about Uncle Bruce?" Bruce asked. 

I smiled cheerily at him. "Yeah! And then you can be "Uncle Hulk" too! That's awesome sauce right there!" 

"Uncle Thor?" Thor asked tentatively. 

"Uncle Thor is superb as well!" I smiled at him. 

This day has been pretty good. And a lot has happened in only one day. But what happened next, I truly did not expect. 

"So, what does that make me?" A chilling, attractively accented voice asked from behind me. 

I slowly turned around, praying that it wasn't who I thought it was. And it was wrong. It was exactly who I thought it was. And my safety issue immediately plummeted down onto me. Before, I wasn't really worried, thinking that it would be quite a while before HE would be able to find me. 

But Daddy Tony did tell me that he has been spying on me for a while. Years by the sound of it. And this only proved it for me. 

"Loki." I said, backing away, turing into ice again, I was actually afraid. And that doesn't happen usually. 

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