When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


15. Red-Headed She Devil Part Two

"That's it, put him on the table. Logan, cut off his shirt. Alright. Tony, I need twenty-five cc's of saline and an IV Bag STAT!" I said. 

Logan ripped Dad's shirt with his claws and pulled it open swiftly. 

Tony ran and got what I asked for. 

"Bruce, it's all up to you know. Dad was injected with Agent X. I've done everything that I know how to. And the cure is..." I stopped talking. 

Dad was moving. 

"Daddy?" I whispered. 

He sat up groggily and put his hands up to hold his head. Completely ignoring me. 

"Daddy?" I whispered again. 

He shook his head slightly. 

"How was that POSSIBLE?!" A new voice said behind me. 

I tensed at it. It was HER again. I slowly turned around and glared at her. The Red Headed She-Devil.

Jean Grey. 

I hissed at her, completely forgetting my self control. 

Logan stiffened and was by my side in a split second. "Kiddo, you don't have to do anything. Let it go. Right now, you need to be worried about Coulson."

I continued to glare at her, unwavering and unwilling to turn away. 

"Abbie?" Dad called out to me, I could hear him moving off of the surgical table. 

I straightened my stance and turned immediately to him. "How are you alive? Why aren't you convulsing in pain right now?" I demanded. 

Dad just rolled his eyes. I glared at him. "Just bloody answer me!" I snapped. 

"Now is not the time for this." He said pointedly. 

I sighed and let it go. 

"We need to get back out there to help them." Bruce said sternly to me. 

I nodded my head in agreement and was ready to go. 

We made it back out there only to discover everyone dripping in sweat and the room destroyed. And I noticed one very extremely IMPORTANT thing, it was vacant of Mystique. 

"Where is she?" I demanded calmly. 

"She got away after she stabbed the red head." Jean said. 

I gritted my teeth. "Mom?" I called out to her in Russian. 

I couldn't see her. But I could see Clint. On the ground. Kneeling by something...someone. I was suddenly there, pushing Clint out of my way. 

It was my mom. There was blood everywhere. She had been stabbed in the abdomen. There were three holes. All bleeding profusely. She was in pain. Barely conscience. And she was singing my lullaby. The song that she sang to me as a kid. 

My Russian Lullaby. 

"Mom! Mommy! I'm here. I'm here. We're gonna get you..." At that point, I started to bawl my eyes out. 

I felt someone try and take Mom from my arms. I fought against them, trying to staunch the blood that was seeping out of my mother. 

"No! NO!" I screamed, clawing at their face with my nails, taking them against their skin. And not harming them. 

"SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BABY!" A shrill voice cut through my mind. 

I gasped, and breathed heavily. 

She was dead. And I mean dead. 

"THAT IS MY MOTHER THEY ARE TAKING AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed as I whirled around and took an offensive battle stance. 

Jean was smirking at me, mocking my entire existence and my emotions. 

"Leave her alone, Jean." Logan muttered. 

"Oh, why would I leave the wittle baby gwirl awone?" She said. 

He glowered at her and was about to speak for me when I interrupted him by shooting a blaze of fire at her. 

Jean Grey was about to eat and taste my wrath.

She stopped laughing and said, "Oh, the kitten has claws..."

I roared and showed her how deadly my claws truly were. "You're. Dead." I forced out and then flew at her. 

She threw out her hands, pushing me back with her telekinesis. 

This only angered me more. 

She was cackling. 

"LOGAN!" I screamed. "KILL HER!"

She smirked at me, treating me like a child. "Now, now. Why would he do that?"

"Because you deserve it." I growled. 

"Put her down gently, Jean." Logan whispered hoarsely. Looking from me to Jean and back again as if he were mesmerized by the sight of what was happening. 

I looked to him in confusion. I don't know why he's acting so...so...I don't know...different?

But, he was weary, tired. Something that never happens. My concern grew as I looked at his face. He had dark circles under his eyes. And his face was drooping. 

I relaxed my body, focusing on him. Something wasn't right here. Not at all. 

I fought out of her hold, and went on the offensive, piercing her shoulder with my claws. 

She hissed in pain and backhanded me. 

I growled and back away slightly, only to come at her quickly and kick her in the face with a straight-legged kick. 

Her jaw clacked together and broke. She screamed in pain and cursed my name. I just stood over her, covered in her sticky red blood and smirked. 

She winced when she saw my boot coming down on her neck, pushing down ever so "gently" and thus, I claimed my win. 

"Sweetie, get off her..." Daddy said, coming to my side, pulling gently on my arm to get my attention. 

I complied immediately and moved away from her, ripping off my blood soaked over shirt and discarding it on the ground. I looked down at my white skinny jeans and sighed, this wasn't going to be coming out anytime soon. 

My black shirt had been so soaked that it had bled through to my white spaghetti strap tank top undershirt. And that was covered too. But I wasn't about to strip in front of everyone here. Dad was already having a conniption with my shirt being taken off. 

"I'm going to go shower and throw away my clothes. What a pity. That was my favourite Captain America shirt." I said as I left. 

"Abigail Coulson! You stop this right now!" Someone yelled behind me. 

The person just so happened I be Doctor Strange. 

"Stop what, Doc?" I said through gritted teeth. 

"Just stop... You need to see your mother. That's what started all of this with Miss Grey. You need to relax your powers are tied to your emotions. You can create and wreak a lot of havoc upon others in this condition."

"I'm sorry? What condition, exactly?" I asked. 

"You can't possibly not see what is going on?! Your powers...mutations for some if you will are expanding. Growing. Not just in strength but it numbers too. You're going to have more than any human ever has before. This is why Loki came after you. Why he's STILL after you." Doctor Strange said seriously. 

I but my tongue and kept from screaming. This was what my life has been like since I was nine. Every year or two something popped up and is have a new ability. 

It made a lot more sense now. After the speech that the good ol' Doc gave me.

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