When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

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7. Isn't This Type of Duel Normal on Midgard? 

Thor looked at me, sizing me up. "Daughter of son of Coul, why do you appear worried about this? Certainly, this must be a usual ordeal for prospective suitors to undergo? A duel with a male family member? It is not as if this "Logan" is going to harm Hawkeye. You have nothing to fear, do you not?"

I rolled my eyes. He clearly only understood half of it. 

Banner and Stark looked between me and him, highly amused. 

Captain America was sitting still, uncertain as to if what he just saw was real or his imagination in overload. 

Dad decided to answer Thor with a guarded tone. "Usually, it's the FATHER of the girl that puts the "prospective suitor" in his place. But, it would seem that the dear and loving Wolverine has taken over my job. And, he's actually in danger by the look on Wolverine's face." 

I snorted at the irony. 

Dad and Mom turned towards me. "What?!" They both demanded. 

"Dad, "the dear and loving Wolverine" as you so endearingly put it, took over your job when I was nine.

"That's when he started to show up, to care for me. But he never was REALLY ALWAYS there until my eighth grade year. And, he's been coming to school for me for year, going to parent teacher conferences and the like. I say I was alone because he was always in New York unless I called him to come here. He's always been wonderful. He's my guardian angle."

Dad looked stricken. 

Mom looked scandalized. 

Tony looked at me pitifully. 

Bruce hugged me, tears sliding down his cheeks. 

Thor dropped his hammer in shock, and joined Bruce in hugging me. 

Steve Rogers simply shook his head at my parents and said, "If this is what parents are now-a-days, I'm not sure that I'll ever want to be one."

I don't know how it happened, but suddenly, I was being hugged by all the four Avengers that were left other than Mom. And I was crying silently into Bruce Banner's silky purple shirt, staining it with my dark makeup. 

"Clint is gonna die." Mom said to Dad with an eye roll at the scene in front of them. Clearly, she thought that I should've been able to take care of myself at the age of six when they started to leave me alone for months and years on end. 

I growled lowly when she said that and rolled her eyes. She didn't know or understand the HALF of it all! 

But I could deal with that later. Clint was who I needed to worry about right now. He was in complete danger of dying at the hands of my pseudo father. 

I groaned inwardly and sighed. 

"Are you okay, Abbie?" Tony Stark's hypnotic voice whispered to me. 

I thought about it for a moment, turning to bury my head on the crook of Tony's neck instead. He stiffened at first, but he then accepted the movement and pulled me into a tight, and somehow fatherly loving hug.

"Are you alright?" He asked again, quieter than earlier, making it a private question between the two of us. 

I snuggled deeper and shook my head no. He seemed to understand and pulled the rest of the group away from me with a single look. 

A few minutes passed and then I finally surfaced, looking a mess, I'm sure. My makeup was all over Tony and Bruce, and even on Thor and Steve. I don't know how it got onto them, but it did. 

Tony stifled a laugh at my expense when he saw my face. He somehow magically produced a mirror and handed it to me. 

I groaned. If I hand thought that what was on the guys was bad, I was horrible then! 

I quickly rubbed my cheeks, fixing my makeup. I at least looked presentable now. 

I left the conference room, throwing my hoodie on as I stalked out of the main office. 

"Where are we going now?" A voice called out behind me. 

I turned and saw that the four men that had consoled me were following me dutifully. 

"To my third hour. I know someone who'd like to meet you. But we're going to retrieve my things for the day. I'm leaving school. You're going to sign me out."

They nodded, somewhat bemused by my barking out orders.

Tony smirked, seeing something in me, I guess. 

I walked into class, making a bit of a ruckus with the people following me. 

Mr. Topah's eyes lit up in awe as soon as he saw my visitors. 

I smiled warmly at my favourite teacher. "Mr. Topah, I figured that I could do one better than gettin their autographs for you. I thought I could, ya know, being them here to meet you and them you could get them to sign whatever you wanted them to."

He quickly composed himself, knowing full well that I knew him more than he would ever admit to the other students. "Sirs, welcome to my...eerrmm...classroom.."

I smirked as I went to get my things from my seat next to my only guy friend here. He, apparently had been going through my sketchbook. 

I blushed crimson when I realized this. But what was odd, was that he drew me something. Something actually amazing. Something wonderful. 

It was so wonderful that I didn't even hold into my anger about him drawing it in my book. I started to tear up a bit as I looked at it. Absolutely amazing. It was spectacular. 

I studied the picture, and then I noticed a piece of paper folded and slightly tucked in between the binding. 

I glanced over at him and he blushed at my obvious emotions playing across my facial features. I pulled the paper out, and opened it quickly. 


I know you don't like people messing with your sketchbook, but I couldn't resist drawing this for you. I know you haven't drawn it yet, I made sure. But, you're my best gal pal and you slide serve something nice for your birthday. Happy Early Birthday, Abbie!! I love you, like my little sister. 


I whirled on him, and crushed him in a hug that had him spluttering and gasping for air. "Thank you, Jason." I whispered to him before I released my hold on him. 

He nodded and let me pack my things into my trusty bag and leave with a smile sent my way. 

I waved to him as I went back to the boys. 

Mr. Topah was currently asking politely for the last and final autograph from Steve. Who smiled endearingly at the older gentleman and proceeded to write a novel on the Captain America replica shield that my teacher had held out to him. 

When he was done, I was able to see that Mr. Topah's collection of Avenger paraphernalia that he kept here was signed and he had pictures with them on his mobile. I smiled warmly at this, knowing that my teacher was probably going to actually give me those "ONE THOUSAND EXTRA CREDIT POINTS!" he was always trying to get kids to work hard for. 

With that being said, I said goodbye to Mr. Topah and headed back down to the office with the Avengers trailing after me like ducklings. 

It had been fifteen minutes since Logan had run off dragging Clint behind. I had spent twelve of it crying at the horrible memories talking about my past brought up on their shoulders, and three lore of it getting my things and waiting for them to be done autographing things for my teacher. 

Not good. If I was right when I guessed where Logan was heading, we only had those fifteen minutes total before the "duel" would begin. 

I arrived and saw that my parents had signed me out already. I was a little bit shocked, but thanked them none the less. And we started off after them. I caught his potent, animalistic, calming scent and took a deep breath of it. 

Logan had headed off to where I thought he would. The Island. 

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