When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

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13. Finding Daddy and Mom Again

He glanced around himself and his group.

Tony was being rowdy and paying for broken things as per usual.

Thor was, you guessed it! Breaking things in his cheery mood brought on their victory that night.

Hawkeye was making wise cracks and terrible jokes in celebration of the happy affair.

Steve was finally starting to warm up more than he ever had before, especially with his time spent as a Capsicle.

Pepper was smiling genuinely at them all—her family—as she rubbed her small baby bump. The sparkle of her majestic wedding ring caught his eye as he observed his family from afar.

Bruce Banner was sitting close to them; arms around Pepper like a protective older brother would if he were to spot a lecherous look from a potential suitor. Tony laughed raucously at this, knowing that Bruce and Pepper’s sibling relationship was strong and a good thing to see. And he then proceeded to mock Banner and all the big green rage monster did was laugh.

Natasha was gone, out of sight, out of mind. She was checking on her most precious thing in the world aside from himself.

He looked on at this, uncertain if this was going to work.

Fury had told him that even though it had only been a year that it would still be on their hearts.

His death was too much of a blow to them all. They had become a closer family, closer friends. Even Banner! And now, now he had just piled them all up together because that raging lunatic of Thor’s brother was coming after his daughter. And they could not believe what they saw just two weeks ago when he had arrived on the Bus and then flown Lola out to Stark’s Tower.

Stark had a heart attack and literally had to change his reactor out for a new one, Pepper had screamed and cried and then demanded chocolates and ice cream.

He smiled at that. Then Steve… Steve had been the best of them all. He had stood there dumbfounded and then broke down in a manly way and started trying to crush his windpipe in a bear hug.

“Ready, Dad?” Skye asked him with a smirk, messing with him now that she knew he had a daughter.

“Skye…” he sighed and smiled slightly at her.

“And who would have pegged Widow to not be a widow at all? I figured she loved killing off her mates.” Skye was really teasing him now.

“Usually, I kill off the parasites that mess with my husband.”

“Tasha.” He said with a large grin.

“Love.” She spoke to him in Russian.

Skye looked on, completely hypnotized by their exchanging of love. “Did she know you were alive?” the question that was burning in her brain finally slipped out of her unrestrained mouth.

Widow turned ever so slowly to look at the young girl. The girl that could be the end of them all. “I knew. In my heart and it only killed me more when I found out what Director Fury had done. I would have killed him myself had I not known that Phil needed it and signed off for the treatment.” She snapped with  a sharp tinge of anger.

“Sorry. Does that make Mai or Hill or you Director Coulson’s second in command?”

“You ask a lot of questions, little girl.”

“Did you expect anything else from her, Mom?” I asked as I walked in with the Professor and Logan tailing my every move on the watch for Creepy French Guy.

“Love, you should not be out and about yet!” Dad snapped at me in German.

I sighed, I knew that I was multi-lingual, but why do we do this everyday? “The bald professor said I could.” I answered in Russian.

Mom smiled and dad smirked at me, proud. “So, Director who is this girl?” she was stepping in on my territory. My family and I had no idea who or what she was. I opened my mind and at once, I recoiled from her and hissed.

Logan and Mom flanked around me. I spoke in rapid-fire Japanese to Logan as he glared at me in question.

He growled and his claws came out as fast as my nails had grown. “Daddy! Get away from her!”

He looked perplexed. He obviously did not know who she was or else he would have left her there for us to decimate in a heart beat.

“She’s NOT who you think she is!” I yelled out in Russian, knowing that he would listen to Russian and not Japanese.

“Who is she then?” he snapped at me in anger.

“Mystique.” I whispered.

And that’s when I saw my family. I saw Tony, I saw Pepper, and I saw everyone else. “AVENGERS! ASSEMBLE!” I screamed in their minds through my telepathic powers.

And that is when the fight to protect my father started.

Director Phil Coulson of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division, an Avenger, a husband, a friend, and my father.




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