When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


12. Creepy French Guy and the Mysterious Jean

"I don't care, Chuck! I need to see my daughter!" The gruff voice of Logan growled. 

I giggled. Logan had been trying to get into my room for the last two hours. 

Mom had blocked all access for any male (except Daddy and Doctor Strange) from my room. And I was confined there for the rest of today. 

Yesterday was a rude awakening for me, I needed to recuperate from the attack at Stark Towers. And I may have threatened to kill someone when they tried to touch me. 

Well, that freaky French guy can deal with my overprotective male overpopulated family. 

I shimmied into some of MY clothes. Which is AWESOME! Apparently, after Loki attacked New York, my mother had kept a large number of bags packed with all sorts of clothing that belonged to me. I don't even know when she did that! I hadn't even noticed any of my clothes missing! 

And I was just pulling my top over my bra when the door was broken down. I froze and turned around, yanking down my top angrily. 

There was a stricken looking older bald man and he was looking between me and Logan with a worried look. 

Logan was staring at me with wide eyes and a large blush was flushing from his neck up to his ears. It punctuated his side burns and showed how frightened he was. Good. 

I stomped towards him. 

He stepped back. 

I stomped right up to him and hit him on the chest. "What. In. The. Crap. Were you THINKING?!?!" I yelled at him. 

He flinched. Actually flinched away from me. ME! 

"Sorry, Hun. I just wanted to see my only daughter."

I sighed. Darn it. "Alright. I forgive you, Dad." I muttered and turned away from him. "But that does NOT excuse your little Peeping Tom friend over there!! Who are you?!" I demanded of the old wheelchair guy. 

He smiled slightly at me. "I am Professor Charles Xavier. I own and run this Institution that you are staying in." He said with a soft voice. 

I relaxed. "So you aren't a creeper like that creepy French guy?" I asked tentatively. 

He smiled. "No, I am not." 

Logan growled. "Creepy French guy?!" He asked.

"Yeah, some creep came in here yesterday when I was getting out of the shower and all I had on was a towel. He kept hitting on me. And I was practically NAKED!" I hugged. "So I threatened to torture and then kill him in multiple pain filled ways."

Logan excused himself and was out of my room in seconds screaming, "GAMBIT!!! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN WALKING!!"

So that's the freak's name. 

"Miss Coulson? May I interest you in a meal?" The Professor asked me. 

"Yes you may! I'm famished!" 

He smiled at me again. He seems to do this a lot. Must be an old teacher thing. "Come this way. We'll get you to Jean." He said. 

I smiled and walked out of my room and closed the door with a wave of my hand. 

He raised his eyebrows at this and I just ignored him. 

"So, Chuck, what's the point of this very interesting school?" I asked. 

He chuckled. "Your pseudo father us the only one who calls me that. Or, rather was. You seem to have inherited some striking resemblances in behaviour from him."

"Thanks.... I guess..." I said. 

He chuckled again. 

What was up with this guy? I mean, he's cool and awesome so far but he acts like a grandfather towards me already. How long has my family known him?

"I've known your parents for quite some time. I'm sure prodded that you do t remember me. I practically am your grandfather."

Great, now he can read minds?

"I've always had this ability since I could remember."

"Okay. Well, whose this Jean lady?" I asked, completely over the powers thing. 

He grimaced, it was almost as of she was a touchy subject. 

But, how bad could it possibly be? It's not like it's possible for her to have, I don't know died an then come back to freaking life, so this subject can't be totally crazy. 

"Abbie...." The Professor said timidly. And there was that pesky little mind reading thing again. 

"Wait, you mean she actually did all of that?!" I asked bewildered. 

He nodded his head. "She's even more a sore subject with your father. I mean, Logan." 

I rolled my eyes. So this was going to be that brat that totally broke Logan's heart. I narrowed my eyes into minuscule slits and growled deep in my throat. 

Watch out, Jean. Logan's daughter is about to kick your butt. 

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