Have you ever wondered, maybe just once, what it would be like to fall madly in love with the wonderful and Harry Styles? Well, of course you probably have. But what if he were to fall madly in love with you, too? I'm Lila, and this is my story.

*This may be very sad at some points, cuz it IS based on the song moments... So be prepared, my fellow friends!*


5. Four

After saying goodbye to Harry, I walked into my cramped apartment. All I have is a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. With a microwave in the kitchen, some bathroom necessities, and a rock hard bed. I fell on the bed, rethinking my day. I do that a lot. Think.

I have become best friends with One Direction. All because of my angel. What I thought that first day, about maybe everything being alright, well it's true. Harry is truly my angel. He made everything alright. There are people who actually care about me now. Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn. And Harry. Everything is alright. It will always be alright. 

Turning on my side, I sigh, lifting my shirt a bit, I look at the long scar left behind. When my sister died, my father literally threw me out the door. I fell down the steps, resulting in a long deep gash, needing stitches. The scar is my only living memory of my family. Well, other than the picture I have of Susan.

I fall asleep, the thin, poorly patched blanket draped carelessly over me. 

I wake up, having nothing to do. Nothing at all. Grabbing my cell phone, I smile, thinking of my angel. My Harry. I walked out into the cold, already the thin layer of snow has melted, showing the promise of green grass. Just thinking. Always thinking. It's me and my mind against the world. My greatest weapon.

Still smiling, I put one hand over my side. The one with the scar. It still hurts, sometimes. But it doesn't matter. I have a whole life I front of me. Could this jut be an inconvenience to a better life? Filled with love, happiness, and caring people?

I shouldn't get my hopes up. Walking back to my apartment, I make sure to step over every crack in the sidewalk. I've been told they're bad luck. And just when my luck turns around, I don't want any horrible surprises.

Stepping into my apartment, I sit on my bed, just watching. Watching the wall, waiting for anything to happen. Boredom can never take me over. It never has, it never will. I'm used to being bored.

I sigh, rubbing the scar. It was hurting, starting with a tingling feel, but turning into a burning sensation. I'm used to it, now. After two years, you get used to it. I haven't talked to my parents for years...

I stand up, but after sitting for almost an hour, my legs fell asleep. I fell, causing a really sore spot on my side. 

"That's gonna bruise." I mutter. It will bruise badly.

"If only my angel was here to protect me from bad falls." I sigh. I lay down, even though it's early, I go to bed. I've been really tired lately. And every night I go to bed earlier. I don't get it. But life is life. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

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