Have you ever wondered, maybe just once, what it would be like to fall madly in love with the wonderful and Harry Styles? Well, of course you probably have. But what if he were to fall madly in love with you, too? I'm Lila, and this is my story.

*This may be very sad at some points, cuz it IS based on the song moments... So be prepared, my fellow friends!*


6. Five

I'm still very tired. I'm not really sure about what to do. But it doesn't really matter. Probably just being an insomniac,

My phone rings, playing Harry's solo in the song Moments. My favorite part in the song. 

"Yes?" I answer.

"So, do you want to do something?" I smile, hearing my angel's beautiful voice...

"Yeah. How about we go to the park?"


"Meet you at four." I say. Four is in ten minutes. But I live fairly close to the park. Walking distance.

"Hey, Harry." I say, seeing him sitting on a swing. I smile.

"Hey, love." He replies.

I take a seat on the next swing.

"So, anyway, what do you want to do now?" I ask, pumping my legs, my red hair flying with me. I'm actually having fun, laughing with joy. Harry just smiles.

"What?" I stop, staring into his eyes.

"Oh, nothing. This is just one of the first times I've seen you laugh. But unlike the other day, your really happy. Like positively full of joy."

"Yeah... I haven't had much fun for a awhile."

"Well, that's sad."

"Yeah,.." Pumping my legs continuously my scar starts to hurt. I silently wince, Harry to absorbed in swinging to notice. I'm grateful at that, not wanting him to worry. I clench my fists around the chains. My teeth are grinding against each other, my scar just hurting too much. I stop, and sit on a bench. I try my best to act okay, but I start to limp a bit. I sit down, and Harry stops to look at me.

"Is everything all right, Lila?" Harry asks. I put on a fake smile, and nod. "Love, are you sure?"

"Yeah. Don't worry. I just want to sit here." I say. Don't want to have to go to the Hospital, yet. If it's nothing, I can't pay.

"I hope your sure." Harry mutters, sitting next to me. I move closer to him, laying my head on his shoulder. He put his arm around me, pulling me even closer. I smile, staring at the cloudy sky. My side hurt, where the brownish bruise had formed. I really didn't care. As long as I could withstand it, I was okay.

"Everything's alright when I'm with you." I mutter, happily. Life may not be fair, but it showed my kindness by bringing Harry and I together.

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