Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


10. The Visit

“Mom dad can you please hurry up please?” I begged my parents. Its already two o’clock and we were still in the restaurant not far from the hotel, Niall was coming at four and I haven’t done packing my stuffs. Yesterday we visit the campus and was so beautiful and big, I will not have a dorm because my parents decide that I was going on an apartment and actually it didn’t sound bad with me. It was an amazing experience. “Calm down, stop rushing we are having a nice lunch” my mom said. I know she was doing that because she wanted to annoyed me. “mom Niall is coming at 4 is two hours from now and I haven’t done packing!” I whispered. Is better whisper than scream right? “well that is your problem. If you wouldn’t sleep until 12 you could have plenty time to do it” she was getting angry “mom really? Why do you have to do this right now? Dad please tell me my mom that we have to leave” I put my puppy face. Hopefully he could help me “Honey I think is late. We have to packed others things too” my dad winked at my mom and she smiled and blushed. Oh gosh my father didn’t do that, my jaw dropped and I looked away. “dad thank you but I think that your way of helping me is far from what I expected. What the hell was that?” “was what?” he looked at me innocently. “yeah like you don’t know. You practically offered mom sex. Is disgusting” my dad laughed loud, really loud “I don’t think a little of fun is bad” my jaw dropped again. I don’t even wanted to think about that, I just felt nauseous “I don’t want to know about this. Like I said before is disgusting” even with the extremely awkward situation with my parents we finally went to the hotel. When we were in our suits I was really stressed I wasn’t even ready to see Niall again I haven’t done packing and the words that my father told me in the restaurant got me insane. ‘ok I need music, and really loud. I need to calm down and relax a little’ I said to myself. I put my headphones on and put the volume all the way up so I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts. Baby I by Ariana Grande started to play and I started singing as well.

Baby I got love for thee

So deep inside of me I don’t know to start

Yeah yeah yeah

I started singing really loud but I didn’t even care, I was alone in the room because Karen was out I don’t even know where.

All I trying say is you’re my everything baby

But every time I try to say it words they only complicate it

Baby baby

My inspiration was cut off because somebody took my headphones off from my ears.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I was singing and then you took my inspiration off” I yelled at my sister. She was in front of me and didn’t said anything she just stared at the door behind me, I followed her gaze and saw the only and perfect Niall Horan and his beautiful smile. I felt my face got pale. Did he hear me? How long has he been standing there? “hi” he shyly said “hey” I said back not knowing what to said in that embarrassing moment “ahmm I have to talk with my mom about something I will leave you guys alone” Karen said. Before she leaves she gave me a “enjoy” look. Gosh my sister could be dirty sometimes, actually my whole family is so crazy. “you told me you would text me when you arrive here” I said after a minutes of silence and recover from the most embarrassing moment of my life “well I did. Twice” he responded “really? But I haven’t get anything” I said checking my phone. Oh well there were two messages from him “maybe you were very busy” I flushed again remembering the moments before “sorry if I embarrassed you, I didn’t meant to” he said taking a step towards me “its ok, I know I don’t sing like you do but I still enjoy it. I think it should be my second option for a career” i laughed and he joined it “yes for sure you should considerate it. Oh and sorry for no answered you last night I was really tired and forgot to respond” he told me. That surprised me he really got the message? I thought he didn’t even saw it “you are fine don’t worry about it” I smiled, I don’t know why but I liked it that he remembered “so what are those awesome news you wanted it to shared” he smiled back “oh well…” why did I even send that text? I mean now that I think he wouldn’t even care, but he asked right? Why I am over thinking so much? He make me so nervous “if you don’t want to tell me is ok” he saw my debut on my eyes for sure “no, it’s not that is just I am really exited” I smiled “then tell me. I would love to know what makes you so excited and happy” “well I am staying here in London” his eyes were wide, he looked surprised and happy? “Really? Why? I mean that’s amazing but why?” he looked a little nervous but why? I had no idea “I got a scholarship to enter London Metropolitan University. I still can’t believe it” I looked at the ground because it sounded so stupid. Why should Niall even care? “Damn that is awesome. Now I know why you are so exited it” he hugged me. For a second stock in shock but I hugged him back “congrats I am really happy for you” he said breaking our hug and smiling “thank you so much. You don’t know how much this mean to me” “but you are packing?” he told me looking at my baggage “oh well yes I am leaving to get the rest of my stuffs but coming back next week” “oh ok. Exiting right?” “hell yes. So.. tell me how was the interview?” I asked. He told me everything, how the guys were joking the whole time and I pictured them doing stupid things like 5 Childs. We spend the rest of the afternoon in the room because Niall didn’t want to expose himself if there were some paparazzi on the hotel “wow they are horrible. I mean they are everywhere” I said thinking about all the pictures that I always get on my phone everyday in anywhere they are “yes, sometimes is really annoying without any privacy or anything” my mom entered in the room when I was about to tell him about how us fans are worse that paparazzi “hi Neill right?” my mom said to him “mom is Niall, Niall Horan. How you don’t know that yet?” I tell her before she say another mistake “sorry Niall, nice to meet you I am Nani’s mom” “is a pleasure to meet you too” he is so polite even when he is a start, I love that of them. they never changed even when they are super famous “sorry for interrupting but its getting late and we are going to leave tomorrow very early. I don’t want to be rude but I think is time to you to leave Niall” my mom said. I give my most death glare I could give her. What the hell? She just said Niall Horan to leave? Is she crazy? Before I could said something Niall spoke “no, you are not rude at all. I think I should leave too” “ok I will leave you alone to say your goodbyes. It was nice to meet you Neill” ok that one she did it on purpose. Niall giggled while my mom exited the room “I am so sorry for my mom she knows your name she is just teasing” I apologized. He laughed “don’t worry about it” we stand in front of the door without saying a word, he looked like he didn’t want to leave either “oh I almost forgot” he searched for something in a little bag I didn’t know he had “here. This was the reason why I came here and almost leave without give it to you” he handed me the draw Zayn made for me “thank you so much” I hugged him without think, this took him for surprise but hugged me back. The hugs and surprise always got in a pack “I had a good time with you” he told me breaking our hug “I… well I was thinking…” he sounded so nervous “yes?” I pushed. “well I was thinking if you could called me or text me when you get here next week. You know to keep in touch” he said looking at the ground. My jaw drop to the floor “are you serious?” I whispered, I didn’t want to scream “yes you know you are really nice and well the guys liked you and I would hate to lose the contact with you if I know you are here without knowing anybody… because I guess you don’t know anyone right?” he was talking very fast and I barely understand any word “ no, this is my first time here and I would love to keep in touch with you” his smile was bright and big showing his perfect teeth, I remembered when he had bracers or even before that. I missed it sometimes “perfect… well you have my number anyways” “yes but I will try to DM you this week you know I am not going to have this phone in US” “yeah sure” we wasn’t sure on what to say in the moment “I-I have to go ahmm ok”  he said awkwardly. I kissed him on the check and this surprised him to much than he blushed. Maybe because he didn’t want that and he didn’t want to tell me. When I thought in what I just did I cover my mouth with my hand “I am so so sorry. I didn’t meant to do that is just most of Hispanic people say bye or hi with a kiss on the cheek. I am so sorry” I told him looking at the ground avoiding eye contact. I don’t want him to think that I just did that because I am crazy. We really do that and I didn’t thought he wasn’t used to it. “its fine really. I liked it anyways” he laughed “bye I will see you next week” “bye” I smiled. He turned around and closes the door. Definitely the best week of my life and next week is going to maybe not better but almost.


Hello guys.. so i decided to update every friday. i really hope you enjoy this story. Please guys can you help me promote this story? let me knoe please i really would love you guys to help me ;) I LOVE YOU GUYS i hope you keep reading

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