Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


3. The Interview

“Dad hurry up!” I scream. We are already late for the interview. “do you have the direction?” my dad ask. “yes dad I have it. Can we go now?” I was so irritated. We supposed to go out about 10mminutes ago. The traffic is horrible and I needed to be there in like 1:00pm it was 12:45am and I was still on the hotel. When we were on the street there were a very long line of cars. “dime que esto no es cierto!” I said in frustration. (you have to be kidding me).

After all the traffic and with just 5 minutes late (product of a miracle) I was finally on the place when the interview is. I was sitting on a chair talking to the interviewer, she was really nice. Her name was Rachel, she had pretty blond short hair and a cute green eyes. There were audience, all were Directioners, I talked to some of them. They told me how lucky I was for winning this. I just laughed, I never won anything before, I never been notice before by any of them. “Najomitt are you ready?” Rachel asked me. I just nod, I was super nervous. Maybe my nervousness was wrote it on my face because Rachel laugh and told me that I didn’t have to be nervous. “3 2,1.. On air” somebody scream. “Hello people” Rachel said with her amazing accent. “We are here with Najomitt, she is the lucky Directioner who won our special contest” I smiled. “so tell me how you find out about One Direction?” she asked me “a friend told me about them when we were at school, I remember she make me heard a couple of songs. I cannot lie I start like them” “for how long are you a Directioner?” “Since 2011” I answered. Some of the girls start screaming. I laughed. “lets go a little deeper. Tell me why do you love One Direction?” “wow very hard question. But just because is very hard to put feelings in words. I love them because they are 5 boys that followed their dreams no matter what other said, they came back and never give up even when they lost the competition. I love them because even when they are now super rich and famous they never change who they really are. Since the X factor they fought so hard to keep in the competition. They maybe lost X factor but they won the hearts of many Directioners that love them no because they can sing or they are sexy, because they are themselves and nothing going to stop them.”I started crying, talking about how I feel get me so emotional “sorry” I said. “I got too emotional” I saw some girls also crying, that put a smile on my face. “We have some questions from some fans” Rachel said. A girl with a long dark hair stands up. “What was the first song you heard?”She asked. “It was one from the live performances Viva la Vida. And an official song was One Thing”. “What is your favorite song?” another girl asked. “Torn” I just answered. “I think that’s the most beautiful song I ever heard from them”. Some of the fans were like ‘what song is that?’ others were almost crying because they knew what that means for truly Directioners. “what is your dream if you meet the guys, like what do you want to do if you meet them someday?” somebody asked. I couldn’t see who it was. “Have to be appropriate?” I asked. Believe me I have so many dirty dreams with them. Rachel looked at me with a shock face. “Yes” I laughed. “okok well if I met them someday- and I really wish I will, I will love if they sing torn for me. That will be the most perfect moment of my life” I hears some ‘awww’ form the audience. “we have some games!” Rachel announced. “the first game consisted on you have to guess the hair of each member of the band. They are wig very similar to their real hair” she explained. “but I never touched their hair before” I said a little worried. I never ever was near of any of the guys before I just saw them in pictures. “You just have to guess don’t worry”. Then came in two women with a bandana to cover my eyes. “Ok so you just need to touch the hair and guess who belongs to” “okok” I felt someone moving in front of me. I heard some screams but then silence again. Somebody took my hand and then I touch hair. “It feels like real hair” I laughed. I touched each one of them. “ok so I think this one is Harry’s soft curls, Liam’s this one ummm I am not sure I thinks is Louis’ Zayn’s and Niall’s” I heard I heard some laughs. “am I right?” “you miss one” OMG ok no. it can’t be. I am just too excited; this is product of my imagination. “let’s play another game” Rachel said. “You are going to guess the voice” “ok”. I still was stand up and with the bandana on my eyes. The song that starts playing was torn. And then my whole world change. I froze I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe; I couldn’t do anything but hear. The angels voices, they were there, it was so real. I could hear the voices that I just hear on my phone, the faces I just see in my computer. One Direction was in front of me! I couldn’t saw it but I knew it. One of them took the bandana and now I could see their perfect faces. I knew it wasn’t my imagination. They were there in front of me singing torn.

I thought I saw a girl brought to life

She was warm, she came around she was dignified

She showed me was it was to cry

I couldn’t take it anymore, this was too much. Suddenly everything become black and I just feel the ground. I couldn’t saw anymore.

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