Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


15. Safe or Scare

“Please Zayn hurry up” I whispered. I noticed a lot of people walking in front of me several of them were drunk or smoking or even both. While I was standing outside of the market I also notice a grown old man sitting on the ground with a bottle of liqueur in his hand, he was about 15 foots away from me but I could feel his eyes on me all the time. After 20 minutes of waiting I started to panic, everybody that past in front of me didn’t bother to look at me and the ones that did had a dirty look that I didn’t even want to know what their thoughts were. Probably they were drunk or worse drugged.

After an hour I was a complete mess, I was crying and blaming myself for everything. Why did I choose to come to London in the first place? Why I had to fall asleep in the bus? Why my charger wasn’t in my bag? Why I had to be so stupid to call Zayn and tell him about this? Why I was unable to read a fucking map? I was debuting and blaming myself for everything, I even blame my parents for letting me come here to a place where I didn’t know anybody, where I wasn’t aware of the bad and good zones. Parents are supposed to take care of their children right_ then why did they have to let me stay here?

The man sitting 15 foots away now was sitting at least 8 foots away from me. I tried to move but in the other side of the street was a couple of boys about 20 year’s old smoking, they were calling me since I stood in the wall but I ignore them. The man moved a little bit more near me every 5 minutes. I was just looking at my shoes. I felt cold but not because it was cold outside it was because I was sweating everywhere and I was so scare, my anxiety was growing fast and every minute was worse than the other. I was praying to Zayn to get there fast because I know I couldn’t last long with the entire stalk from the man and the ugly names those guys were calling me. I know that it wasn’t so much more than 30 minutes but I felt it was 2 hours since I called Zayn. I was aware it was far, he told me it was an hour and half from where they were but I was too anxious to think about that. The only thing I was focused on was the man. He was 15 foots away from me at the beginning now he was about 8 foot and keep coming near. When he was at least 5 foot from me he stand up and started walking towards me, walking very slowly almost lazy, he was so drunk that couldn’t walk in a straight line. He was much taller than I thought, he was cover in dirt and his cloths looked old and dirty, I think he was a homeless person. My eyes went wide and many thoughts and questions on what he would do to me came to my mind, none of them were pleasant. He stopped about 3 foot away when a big black truck parked just in front of me and 4 guys came out of it. They ran towards me and before I knew it I was crying and sobbing on Louis’ shoulders. “Everything is ok now” “you are ok” Zayn and Louis keep telling me trying to comfort me. After 20 minutes crying and embarrassing myself in front of the guys I finally calm down a little bit “thank you guys” I told them in a weak tone consequence of my little session of crying “you don’t need to thank us” Zayn told me “no, really I don’t know what would I do if you didn’t come. You didn’t need to do it and anyways you came” I said to the 4 guys. Louis and Zayn were sitting with me in the back while other two guys were in the front. They were bodyguards; I didn’t recognize any of them so I guessed they were new. “What happen? How in hell you end in one of the most dangerous zone of all London and almost two hours away from your home?” Louis asked me with a confused face.

I felt very stupid in that moment; he was right when he told me I was kid. And I felt like one at the moment, I felt the necessity for find your parents, the awkward feeling of being alone, the debut of what is going to happen, and also the crying and relieve when you found them. I was such a kid at that moment, but I got experience and now I learned something else, the hard way but I did. “Well first of all I woke up at 4:3o in the morning today so I decided to make some things I needed to do. I don’t know any of the places here so I had to use my phone to everywhere I went. In the afternoon I realized that I didn’t have my charger” I tried to explain everything again “I went to the supermarket and was already 6 and I was feeling tired but I didn’t had any cash left so I had to take the bus where I fall asleep and when I woke up I had 10% and couldn’t use my GPS. I tried to call all of you guys but none of you answered except for Zayn” I looked at him with a thankful smile, if he had not answered the phone I don’t know where I would be by now “I saw your call I was in the bathroom” Louis explained me “when Zayn told me what happened and where were you I started to get worried because I know how bad that zone is” he put his arms around my shoulders and half hugged me “we arrived just in time” one of the guys in the front said “yes, did you saw that man? He was looking and walking towards her” the other guys said angrily, maybe he was thinking the same I thought before about what he would do to me “did you saw him too?” I asked surprised, everything happened so fast that I didn’t realize that they saw him too “yes we did. I gave him the most dirty glare I could gave him, I could read his intentions just to watch his face” the guy driving said, I after learned that his name was Steven and the other one was Javier “every 5 minutes he moved and sit a little bit closer and closer. When I tried to move I saw other group of guys smoking so I decided to stay there. But the man started walking towards me and I just…” I was fighting against the tears again, just in thinking what that man would do to me make me so scare “shhh is ok, nothing is going to happen” Zayn told me rubbing my back.

I was surprised when we parked in front of the boy’s house and not my apartment. Louis saw my confused looked and explained me “Niall Harry and Liam were worried to sick and they told us to bring you here” “oh ok” Really? They were so worried about me? I didn’t know what was but butterflies started too danced in my stomach at the name of Niall. Steven and Javier carried all my bags and put them to one side of the living room. I saw Liam and Harry sitting on the couch while Niall was standing with both of his hands in the hair and his back was towards me, when he heard us entering he turned. I for pure impulse ran towards him and he opened his arms for me. I hugged him hard; he wrapped his arms around me hugging me back, tight. I started crying again for no reason, oh well maybe I had one. I felt so safe with him, I felt that the man and the guys and every other person I saw in that street wouldn’t hurt me or do anything to me if Niall was with me. That’s the one reason to cry, the feeling of safety when I was in Niall’s arms made me cry of pure relieve. Its like when you finally found your parents after a long 15 minutes searching for them, Niall was kind of my shield at that moment I could felt it just as the parents are with their kids. The shield that protect me from any damage or dangerous existence. “It’s ok, nothing is going to happen. I know you were scare but no need to feel that way anymore you are safe now” he told me comforting me. I felt his heavy breath in my neck. I cried even harder in his chest, feeling that emotional is exhausting.

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