Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


11. New Life

“baby  take care of yourself, call us when you get there, remember be careful, always, don’t talk with every random person who talk to you” my mom did not stop talking “mom I am 17 years old I am responsible and almost an adult I know how to take care myself, don’t worry and I will do everything you said” I said with watery eyes, my mom smiled with tears all over her face “I will miss you so much, when Karen goes next week we are going to be so alone” “hey I am still here remember? And I will make sure you are focused just on me” Daniel said with a mischievous smile. I laughed at him I went down on my knees to be at his level I looked at him at the eyes “I will miss you so much, all your jokes and even mean comments” I said hugging him, he hugged back “I will miss you too sister” I did not wanted to cry but I could not helped it “my little girl is finally going, oh my god I cant believe you are already in London, both of my babies are going” my father says. Oh damn this is getting to emotional I never thought it would be like that but afterwards I am not going to see them in a long time and we never ever been so far from each other, they are my world and I know I am the same for them “daddy it’s ok you know this would be coming sooner or later” Karen said weaving away her tears “yes but I never thought it would be so soon”  this is the last call for ‘this is the final boarding call to the flight number 325 with destiny to London’ I heard through the bugles from the airport. “ok so that’s my final call I need to get going” I give each of my family members a kiss and a hug. “Call me if you see some cute, hot guy there in Australia” I whispered to my sister when I hugged her. She giggle “I will. Promise, take care Nani I miss you already” she told me a little sad. I kissed her and turn to leave. I went to the stairs when I reached the top I turned around and sign ‘I love you’ they did the same and I blow a kiss. I love my family even when I feel I want to run away from them as soon as I can, but I am doing it now and I miss them tremendously. When I was on my sit I took out my phone and text my mom to tell her that I was in the plain. I thought on text Niall but I decided not to, I still feel that I annoying him when I talk to him or that he is busy all the time. This week we talked a little because I was busy and he was also with some interviews and little concerts they had. My plane was planned to leave at 7:00am but something happened and now is 9:30 at least I will be arrive at London at 3 in the afternoon. (A/N I really don’t know if they are actually 6 hours of flight but let’s just pretend it isJ) I fall asleep with my headphones on. At the time I woke up are 11:15. This sucks I have never be able to sleep more than 2 hours when I already woke up. I started reading but I felt a little dizzy so I stop. I was really bored so I took my phone and remembered that the plane had wifi, I connected and went directly to twitter.  I got so many followers after meeting the guys, I mean before I was just one Directioner more now I even was on one of the many pages I follow for news of the boys, I saw a lot of pictures of me with the guys I commented in one of the and the owner started like freaking out because I answered her. I cannot lie I felt like a celebrity even when I know I am not one I am just a Directioner who meet the guys and kept in touch with them, but that is something that I didn’t tell to anyone just my family. I started tweeting about my trip and the flight and how bored I am

@possibilites2 OMG girl I am so happy that you are going to London again! Maybe you can see the guys again lol

@LiamLOLPayne hell no if she saw them again that would complete unfair I mean she already spend a day with them!

What the hell why I get hate if I met them or not? I know I would be extremely jealous if other girl  is in the same position as me but I would never send hate because of that is just stupid. I decided to respond why not? I was bored.

@ichasingclouds: @liamlolpayne then it would be super unfair because who knows if I am meeting them again tomorrow or this week or even today ;)

There you go girl, I like being sarcastic when I responded to hate or rude people.

@madelineexxx3 and who the hell do you think you are? You are not important you think you are but honey you are NOT

Wow why people have to be so rude I mean I didn’t do anything, they are the ones who are rude.

@ichasingclouds: people think whatever you want. I am happy now and nobody is going to ruin that.

@Hazza_Defender don’t even look at the hate just be happy and enjoy your new life. I really hope you have a wonderful life over there J

Ok so these are the good people who make me happy and not upset for ridiculous reasons. By the time I finish responding to all the people I could  it was 2:30 we were almost there. I couldn’t stop my smile. This is a excellent experience but I was a little afraid because I didn’t know anybody there except for my idols and that wasn’t actually permanent I mean they are always doing something and they are very busy. So basically I am in another country, another continent and alone, but the good part is this is my dream. When we finally arrived to the airport are 3:20 pm (I know I messed up with all the time zone but let’s pretend is 3:30). I took my baggage and then went outside and searched for a taxi. I found one and the driver was a very young guy, he helped me to put my bags on the back and I sit on the back. I gave him the direction and he made a weird face. “Is something wrong?” I asked him “no, is just is very far, and the traffic is horrible. We probably are going to be there in an hour” he responded “oh wow, is really far but I guess here the traffic is very ugly everyday right?” he laughed “true that, better get going”. I texted my mom telling her that I will call her when I get to my new home. It sounded weird, scared and exited at the same time “new home”. This means complete alone, without my parents or any other person that I may know, but again my decision to do it so I will suffer the consequences. I almost forgot to call Niall! He told me to call him when I got there. He answered at the third ring “hello?” “hi Niall ahmm is Nani” I said awkwardly “Nani, are you already here? When you arrived” he sounded surprised and a little worried, why? I have no idea “well like an hour ago, I am on my way to my apartment” I responded “where is your apt?” he asked. I gave it to him “oh god that’s like 10 minutes from here” “what? Like from your house? really?” “Yes, I even could go like right now” it was my ears or my excitement but did I just heard Niall Horan saying that he want to go to my house? “D-do you want to g-go to my house?” I couldn’t even form a sentence properly “of course, if that is ok with you?” is that even a question? “por supuesto” I responded in Spanish oh great, Niall got me so nervous that I even forgot how to speak English “of course, sorry” he just laughed “don’t worry I actually understand that” “ha sure you did” I laughed “really I did. Anyways like in how long you would be here?” I asked the driver, because I wasn’t complete sure “like 40 minutes” he told me. I repeat it “ok, perfect I will tell the guys and we will be there, bye” “bye” and we hung up. Am I crazy or something? He really is going to my house, and with all the boys. I thought on what my parents would say if they know that I will be alone with 5 guys in my apt, they for sure would freak out, but they don’t have to know right? “so.. are you new here?” the guys driving the taxi asked me ending my crazy thoughts “yes” “are you American” he keep asking “no I am Hispanic” “oh that’s interesting. Are you here alone?” ok this is getting a little creepy or am I paranoid, but he is just asking too many questions “no, I am with my cousins I was actually talking with one of them right now” that’s the only thing I could thought at the moment. I mean he was just asking weird things and I remembered the movie Taken. The girl was rapped for being stupid enough to say she was alone “oh, cool and is just him or you have other people that you know” “why are you asking so many questions?” I was annoyed, and asked harshly “sorry, are just random questions” he apologizes. That calm me down just a little bit, but still annoyed “well can you stop because they are getting annoyed” “I am sorry” and with that he shut up and didn’t talk to me again. I yawned, I woke up very early and this change of time zone is hard to get use to it. “Miss, sorry we are almost there” a voice woke me up. I snap my head up. This area looked familiar, I didn’t complete remembered but I could said I was on the right place. Maybe this guy was some kind of psycho and drove me to another place. Ok yeah actually the psycho was me. “and we are here” we stopped in front of a small building with no more than 4 floors. We stayed outside of the car and the psycho (actually it had nothing of psycho but is a cool way to name it) helped me with my bags. I pay and say a single ‘thanks’ “hope you have fun with your cousins” he told me “what? Wh- oh yeah sure thanks” I almost forgot about my ‘cousins’. He left and leaves me alone in front of the stairs of the building. I started to search for Niall’s car but I couldn’t find it. I decided to go to my apt and then called him. The bags were super heavy so I just let them in the same position go to open the door and then put them inside. When I turn around from the door to take my bags they aren’t there. “What the hell?” I whispered I looked around so maybe I could see somebody running with my bags or something but I just saw people walking normally “you got to be kidding me” I heard some chuckles behind the stairs and when I was about to see what it was somebody jumped in front of me “BOOO!” I scream and so much was my surprise that I fell to the floor “WHAT THE FUCK?!’


Hey guys i just wanted to say thank you for reading hope you like it so far. i loved and enjoyed so much writing this chapter i think it was pretty funny ;) hope you guys think the same

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