Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


14. Lost

*Nani POV

I woke up and my room was in complete darkness. Ok so now you would think I would woke up with my alarm or the typical “the light of the sun through the window” but no. Back in the US I usually woke up with my alarm yes but on the weekends and vacation I woke up by my mom screaming at all of us to wake up because it was already 1 in the afternoon. And with that said you can imagine that for me waking up in a complete dark room was very very odd, I almost felt in the weeks days when I had to woke up at 5:30 in the morning to be ready for school, eww no, I dont want to even remember those times. I hated high school, everybody in my school were complete idiots, there were so many bitches and then the guys were almost all jerks, the ones that were normal were my little group of friends, well let’s not say normal just not mean.

I checked the time on my phone and were 4:26 am, I checked again maybe I was half sleep and again 4:27 am. You got to be kidding me really? Is freaking early but I felt so good and I had a lot of energy, well counting that I slept 10 hours… I would be everything but tired. I decided to go out of the bed and make a list with all the things I needed to do.

-Call my mom

-search for a car

-look for a job

Yes I know what you would think, why she want a job when her parents pay the rent and she got a full scholarship? Well here is what I think. I am in another country because I wanted to become independent and if I let my parents pay for a car, rent and all those stuffs I wouldn’t be independent, and a little bit of extra money wouldn’t be bad.

I called my mom first. She answered at the second ring “hi darling how are you? How are you feeling? Did you liked the place? Why didn’t you called us?” she started to make 100 questions at once “wow mom calm down. I will tell you everything just listen to me” I tell her in a playing tone, with my mom you had to be very careful she could take everything too serious or in a bad way. I told her everything that happen the day before from since I put a foot on the airplane to when I fall asleep at 6 in the afternoon. “well you know the first 5 days are always the hardest one” she told me “yeah I know mama I know” “and how is that possible that you got 5 boys inside of your house?” and here we go. It took me 30 minutes to try to explain my mom what happened with the guys and she still was getting me a hard time, I said that she didn’t need to know but I just said it and couldn’t took it back so I just explained it to her. I changed the topic before she got mad or something; a perfect bad way to start the day is a fight with your mom through the phone. I asked her about what food should I buy, what type of crockery was the best and all those type of things. By the time I got off of my phone it was 6:00 still very early. I decided to took my computer and search for some cheap cars that I could buy, and some available jobs. It took me at least nearly two hours to find everything that I needed it even a small supermarket. I had to write every direction in my phone because it wasn’t familiar to me, any place, I didn’t even remembered the direction of my own apartment.

When I took my phone I saw a new message from Niall  

We had a great time today. Hope you did the same. Goodnight ;)

This put a big smile on my face; of course I had a great time. I answered him a simple text I couldn’t think of anything more. I took a quick shower and my main problem was to choose my cloths everything was still pack and I didn’t have time to put everything where it goes. I looked at time 8:00 a little bit early but with everything that I had to do better start early.

I took a taxi first to take to specific places where I could find the car. It took me 4 different places and before I knew I hadn’t almost any cash left. After that I took the bus relying and praying that my phone was right in the directions because I had no idea where I was. At least I had the idea to search everything near to my house so if I get lost I didn’t have to walk so much or call anyone. I found two cars that were in really good price and great conditions; I needed to talk with my dad about that because maybe he had a much better opinion in cars than me.

I looked at the time and were already 3:00 pm, I was starving and I forgot that I didn’t eat anything, maybe that was the reason why I was feeling so weak and with a headache. I walked until I saw a little restaurant; it was nice and had Italian style. I sat at the table and when the waitress came to take my other I ordered the first thing I saw, I was so hungry that I didn’t care what I choose. I took my phone out while I waited for my food. I looked at all the things that I still had to do. I needed go to the market, go find a job (and that one sound easy but is very hard to do), etc. I saw the 50% of battery, great I needed to charge my phone because without it I would be lost. I search for my charger in my purse but it wasn’t “oh damn really?” I said to myself, I forgot it just besides my bed. Now I couldn’t use it for anything more than the necessary and that was a torture.

When I was done eating I went for a little walk to see the stores and try to find the jobs I found in internet. I saw a store not very large but looked nice and the cloths were pretty so I decided to enter, I wanted a new shirt anyways. I try 5 different shirts but I decided a cute brown dress, I loved how my hair and eyes look when I wear brown. When I was paying I asked the girl if they had some job available “yes” she answered me immediately with a smile “I can give you the application if you want” she offered “please, that would be great” I said with a thankful smile “here. Since Sofia left we have been so busy. We are always busy as how you can see” it was true the store wasn’t exactly big but there were a lot of people “anyways I will tell my boss that you want the job” she told me sweetly “thank you so much. I will fill this and then give it to you?” “yes” “ok, thank you again” after I filled the paper and gave it to Angela that the name of the girl and left, hoping that I get the job, it looked nice.

I went to the supermarket and found everything I needed and even in lower prices than I thought. I exit with too many bags and heavy ones. Don’t ask me how I manage to have 5 heavy bags in each hand, I thought to take a taxi back to home but I had no enough cash left so I had to take the bus. It was 6:00 pm and my phone had just 15% of battery “excellent now it won’t let me use the GPS” I said sarcastically. I sat beside an old woman “I am sorry ma’am but how many minutes does it takes until we reach the Lancaster PL” I asked politely “is about 15 minutes from here” she responded me “thank you” the clock on my phone said 6:10 so I would be in home like at 6:30, thanks to god because I was so tired, so tired that I didn’t felt when my eyes closed and fall asleep in the bus.

I woke up with sound of people talking and a baby crying, I snapped my eyes open. I check my phone and it was 6:45 WHAT? I was supposed to be at home at this time, I looked through the window and didn’t recognize anything, and I didn’t know where I was. Also it didn’t look like a very good zone there were people drinking and smoking everywhere, it started to get dark. I went off of the bus as soon as I could; I was scare not going to lie. I entered in a store and tried to found a map and when I did I tried my best to read and understand it but I am so bad at it. I never can read a map, that’s many of the reasons why I need my GPS so much. “Now what do I do?” I asked desperate to myself. I tried to ask others but nobody would answer me. My phone had just 10% of battery and reminded me every freaking minute.

I decided to do what I never thought I would do: call the guys. They told me they would be there for me whenever I wanted to but I just felt like I was bothering them so much. As you can see I was a very awkward person who always feel like I bother people, but this was a desperate time I didn’t have other choice, I didn’t have nobody else to call. I dialed Liam’s first but he didn’t pick up, I tried Louis’ same as before, Niall’s went directly to voice mail, Harry didn’t pick up either. “Zayn please pick it up” I said. I had now 3% that’s barely 3 minutes of talking. When it was about to hang up I heard Zayn’s voice “Hello?” his voice always sounded like heaven but in  that moment sounded like God with angels “Zayn oh god you finally pick up. Ok I don’t have many time to talk I have 3 percent of battery. I am lost and this place doesn’t look good and I don’t have any idea where I am” I said, I didn’t even know what I was saying I pray to lord that Zayn did because my phone was about to die “ok calm down and ask somebody what is the name of that place” he told me with a soft and calm tone. I run and asked somebody for the tenth time but finally answered me “the street name is Maltravers” I told him “oh god Nani that is like an hour and half from where we are. Well don’t worry we will go and get you please stay in a little market that is there and-” I couldn’t here anymore. My phone died, my phone went off and I didn’t know what Zayn was about to tell me. I took all my bags and search for the market he told me it was. I just stand against a wall and looked at the ground “please Zayn hurry up” I whispered.

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