Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


26. I Like You

The next two weeks were okay, not too much fun, not too boring; I hang up with Caroline a few times and told her everything that happened between Niall and I, apart for the part of my history with Alex I didn’t want anybody else to know that even though Caroline was my friend. I was preparing myself for the start of my classes in University; I visited twice the campus to get familiar to the place and get to know all the surroundings, I didn’t want to be lost in the first day of class, I hate being late. I never forgot Niall’s promise but later I realize that it was stupid, he wanted to enjoy time with his family and friends and he was free to do everything he wanted, but that didn’t stop me from getting worry. He called me a few times but never talk about what happened before he left, I wasn’t ready for it, yet. I had a pretty good idea of that “talk” was about but I wasn’t 100 percent sure.

“How long are we going to be there?” I asked for the tenth time. I was excited and I didn’t do anything to hide it

“in about 15 minutes” Steven responded, I knew he was rolling his eyes again.

“Don’t be rude, she is just excited, she can’t wait to see her love” Javier said playfully, I blushed immediately

“Don’t be stupid I am just excited to see ALL of them” I made my voice remark in the word all not just one “is been two weeks, and I have been missing them”

“Sure” Steven and Javier responded at the same time

I rolled my eyes “I can’t with you guys”

We were in our way to the airport to pick up the guys, they were arriving from their trips at the same time. To my surprise Javier and Steven called me about five days ago asking me if I wanted them to pick me up to go to the airport, at first I didn’t remember them but then I remembered the day I got lost and Zayn, Louis and both of them went to found me. They were pretty nice, I did not asked them where they got my number I just guessed it was from the boys. I was just glad that they offer to pick me up to go and get the boys from the airport; I missed them very much during all these weeks but it was incredible how lonely I felt when Niall was not with me. I was very aware that my feeling for him developed very fast and that I didn’t know if his feelings were as deep as mine. I was not blind; it was kind of obvious that he had feelings for me too, after everything that happened between us. I had even more breakdowns in Niall’s presence than with own parents, and they knew everything. I think we shared some pretty deep moments and the way he supported me and understood everything… well let’s say that it was everything to me and that now I feel even more attract to him than ever before.

I was incredible anxious to see the boys, and even when I try to denied most definitely Niall. We were going to wait for them until their plane landed so we could go to their houses. The girls, Eleanor and Perrie, were coming along also so we had a kind of get-together-reunion. Perrie just finished some concerts she was on and Eleanor was on break from college so all of us could had some time together.

We waited outside the airport on the pick-up area for about two hours. Their plan was supposed to arrive an hour ago and they were still inside; Niall texted me that they when they arrived but apparently there were some fans and paparazzi that wanted to bother at the moment. I was getting more and more anxious by each minute passed, I just wanted to see him. I never forgot “the talk” we needed to have that he told me about just before he left, and that made me more than nervous but I still wanted to hear what did he want to do with me.

“Nani calm down, they are going to be here in any moment” Javier tried to calmed me but I couldn’t. I was trying to hide and anxiousness but obviously failing

“I know, I just want to get out of here. There is more and more people by the minute” they just rolled their eyes at me and chuckle

The three of us talked a little more, joking and teasing each other. I learned that Steven was twenty six years old and Javier was twenty five, both of them were attending universities and had this bodyguard job. We were laughing at some situation that had happened to the both of them while they were at a concert working and one fan went crazy just at the sight of them when my phone started sounding, I picked it up knowing who was already

“Where are you guys?” I getting out of the car to see if they were already out

“Right here” somebody said behind me. I wasn’t expecting it so I jumped a little. I turned around and eventually Niall was standing there with his phone on the ear “did I scare you?” he said trying not to laugh

“yes” I laughed “you are a idiot” we hugged after that, thigh, I think too thigh because at one point I couldn’t breathe “can’t breathe” we both laughed, I saw Javier and Steven grinning at each other, I had hold everything in me to not roll my eyes at them

I said my hellos to all of the boys quickly because there were some people noticing us outside and we didn’t want to make a crow

“I hope you guys didn’t wait too long for us” Harry said with an apologetically smile

I answered no and the same time Steven and Javier said yes. Those idiots don’t know how to be polite or what? “I mean we waited a little but is fine. How was the flight?”I asked to change the subject

“Long” Zayn replied

Perrie, which was sitting besides Zayn and right behind me, snorted “you sleep during almost all the flight” we all laughed.

I was very aware of Niall right beside me and I just wanted to reach out for his hands but it would look absolutely crazy so I kept my hands to myself, thought every time I heard his laugh my heart would increase his rate incredible. I stayed quiet most of the way because I was just concentrating on Niall’s voice and how much I missed him. I called myself a crazy stupid girl who is even more obsess now than she was ever before, but I just couldn’t help myself to feel that way. I mostly thought about that last kiss we had just in front of his house and I wondered if he remembered just as neatly as I did, and if he did remember that phrase that got me up until very late in the night, the awesome and incredible “we need to talk when I get back” and he was right there besides me. I was just anxious, nervous, and didn’t know what to think. He was acting as if anything happened maybe he forgot everything and I was just the crazy one acting all sensitive and all of that. When we got to the house somebody shake my arm calling my name

“Nani, are you okay?” Eleanor asked me with concern in her voice “you barely talked the whole way here”

I nodded “I am fine, don’t worry” I smiled shaking all of the crazy thought away of my mind “let’s go inside. We have so much to talk” that made her laughed nodding at me

There we were talking and laughing at stupid things that we all said or did. I was great and my mind wasn’t working like before, didn’t brought anything that happen two weeks before but every time I saw Niall looking at me I felt all those butterflies in my stomach, which I just couldn’t help it and stopped them, definitely the moment when I had, literally, a heart attack was when I looked at Niall when he was already looking and when our eyes locked he winked at me. I didn’t know what to do so I just looked at my hands with my face as red as a tomato, I tried to breathe deeply because my heart was like I was just running a marathon. It didn’t help when I feel somebody touching my shoulder, that somebody was obviously Niall, and then leaned to bring his lips to my ear

“Do you mind if you go with me to my room for a second?” he whisper so nobody could hear but definitely all of them saw what he was doing. I just looked at him like it was a joke waiting for them to laugh but he never did he was just waiting for my answer, I shake my head like I was kind of trance and stand up. I saw the guys with knowing smiles on their faces, the girls were trying not to laugh, and Steven and Javier had their stupid grin again on their faces; actually that was what annoyed me the most, because they were right every time they teased me. I do wanted to see Niall the most, I was extremely nervous and anxious just because I wanted to see him again and at that moment I was just extremely nervous on what would he say. I mean if he wanted to talk or whatever he wanted to do had to be privately, we were in his room anyways. When we entered his room I just stood there in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. I know it wasn’t even the first time I walked inside his room, I even slept with him in that same bed, but I for some reason was awfully shy around him. Niall sat at the edge of his bed patting the space next to him. I sat there and let’s say that having him so near to me wasn’t helping at all. We just sat there for a few moments in silence waiting for the other to talk, the only thing that I could hear was my heart racing, again “are you okay? You have been so quite today” he finally broke the silence

“Yeah I am fine” yeah you know I am just super nervous because you make me feel so many things at the same time and make my mind go crazy, oh and I forgot that I am incredible falling for you even when we met not much than a few months ago. You know the usual “how was the trip? Your family?” I asked rapidly

“It was great, I got to see some of my old friends and all my family. I didn’t even notice how much I missed them but that is the price for this life right?” I tried to smile at him, just a slight smile but that was all. Another few moments of awkward silence “so… I wanted to talk to you about something”

I closed my eyes for a second before I could start to freak out “yeah is something wrong?” I tried to ask casually looking at everything but him

“no, nothing is wrong but you remember the last time we saw each other and I told you I needed to talk about something?” so he definitely didn’t forget that, I guess, hopefully, he didn’t forgot the kiss either. I nodded not trusting my voice at all, it would reveal how nervous I was “Well…” he hesitate, I was getting more and more anxious “the Spanish lessons, you remember when you told me that you were going to teach me?”

My head snapped to see his face while my heart started to hurt, and lets say that I wasn’t easy to pretend a blank and straight face when basically they guys told you about some lessons when you thought he was going to talk about his feeling for you, yeah definitely not what I thought “you want to talk about the Spanish lessons?”

“Yeah of course” he had some kind of playful smile on his face that I didn’t like at all even when he looked so adorable, cute, and sexy

“Well I am free Friday through Sunday and in two weeks I am starting classes so I will be free just on the weekends. Call me whenever you are free” I tried to sound as polite and civil as possible but it was pretty damn difficult. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was to think that he wanted to talk about something more serious and very much deeply. Well that’s what you get for being a stupid little girl of just seventeen years old “is that everything you want to talk?” I started to stand to my feet because I needed to get out, I was about to break down and I couldn’t let Niall see another one, he saw enough even though he was the reason of my feelings. He grabbed me by my writs stopping me I looked at him surprise, his smile completely gone and now was this serious expression of him

“You really thought that that was what I was going to talk to you about?” he said furrowing. He was now standing in front of me. I looked at the ground not knowing what to say or think. Was he serious or was he just playing with me?

“I…” he cut me off by cupping one side of my face with his hand, I had to look at his eyes then

“No, listen to me. I kissed you Nani just right when I was about to leave, you haven’t forget that right?” he smiled and I instantly returned blushing furiously, I shake my head. And here I thought he would forget it “that’s great because I haven’t either. Now that wasn’t the only time I kissed you but let’s say that the other doesn’t count because you clearly not remember” I wanted to look at the ground so bad because I was just so embarrassed of what he was saying “but that doesn’t matter now the point is that I wanted to do that many times before, but every time I was going to do it somebody came and interrupt us until I finally shut my mind and kissed you. I tried so much to stop my feelings for you, I tried to talk with Liam about it all but I just can’t help it” his smile was so wide it was so beautiful. I stomach full of butterflies by his words

“What are you trying to say?” I kind of knew now but I just needed for him to say it because being as insecure as I was, I needed prove

“what I am trying to say is that I like you Nani, I like you and I have been attract to you since the first day I met you and I seem to not stop thinking about you” he grabbed my face in both of his hands now just looking at my eyes for some answer because I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t bring myself to say something. I don’t know why but I started crying but I smiled through the tears and hugged Niall tightest than ever “why are you crying, I thought…”

“No, I don’t feel bad or anything like that is just… I feel so happy that you say that to me” I smile while he whipped my tears “I think you have done that too many time now, I been crying nonstop since I met you, though you were always there for me”

“and I will always be” I smiled widely at his words “you have the more beautiful smile I will ever see” he started to lean but I knew better I turned my head so he had to kiss my cheek

“that’s for making me have a heart attack and almost a break down when you told about those lessons” I poked at his sides “you know how much I thought about what you were going to say? I seriously though I was going crazy”

“well I mean you don’t know how many times you were in my mind those past two weeks but really, didn’t what I just told you made up for it? I literally just put all my feelings out for you” he made this puppy face that made him even more irresistible that he already was

“Maybe” I tried to look angry but failed tremendously when I laughed, I gave up “okay fine it did”

He then put both of his arms around my waist and pulled me into him, I slide my arms around his neck our face only centimeters apart. We looked into each other eyes and all I could say that what I saw in his was happiness and I couldn’t say that he wouldn’t find the same in mine because that’s how I felt, happy. All the anxious, crazy, depressed thoughts were forgotten and overwhelmed by this huge happiness and relief. When our lips touched I felt even happier, it was sweet, gentle and made my heart go crazy. I tried to say everything I couldn’t say before to him through this kiss, signaling that I felt just the same way as him, if not more and that I didn’t want this to change anytime soon. When we pulled apart our foreheads together, we stood there just smiling at each other

“Nunca en un millón de años pensé yo que iba a estar en esta situación” (never in a million years I thought I would be in this situation) Niall looked at me with confusion in his eyes, I just laughed, he kissed me again then but just a short kiss

“I really need those lessons”

“but that would ruin the fun of you trying to guess what I said” I playful said, my mood completely changed

“You are something else Princesa” he called princess again. The butterflies in my stomach seemed to be multiply by hundred because I was just about to explode “you see Princess is just too simple, Princesa in the other hand sound even prettier, like you”

“Oh Niall what you do to me”

“No, the thing here is what you do to me Princesa” he winked. I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t stop calling me that, I didn’t mind at all either.  

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