Dear People.

This is a poem to the people whom I know.


1. Dear People.

Ah here it goes.

Dear the people I know,

Thank you for putting through this tragedy,

Some may call life,

But I refer to it as hell.

You have accomplished,

Making me want to die.

You have forgotten though,

I still strive.

With every word,

And hit,

It makes me feel so alive.

It makes me want to show you what I'm made of!

I'm tired of having to fake a smile,

Just to please your dreadful souls.


And believe when I say,

One day the page will turn.

You'll realize how alone you are.

You'll realize that I,

That I stood strong.

So dear people,

I shall not break.

But indeed do I agree,

One day,

I'll be your awful mistake.


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