Freaks of Nature

So, this is about four sisters that lead not-so-normal lives. They were all named after a gemstone. All of them have a weird and wacky job that not many people are very interested in. The eldest; Amethyst is a mortician. The second eldest; Tiger'sEye is a coroner. The third; Emerald is a crime scene cleaner. And the last one; Aquamarine is a taxidermist. This is just a little bit about their lives and how they all came to be in grave danger. ***only yellow because of violence and gore and really awkwardly creepy scenes.***

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


1. Prologue

We begin our story with the arrival of four wonderful and beautiful girls into the world. Their names are as follows; Amethyst, Tiger'sEye, Emerald, and Aquamarine. You could not have found any more gentle and sweet girls than they, even if you had tried to. 

Four young girls were born into the same family. All were quite different from the normal people though. And it all started with their names. They were names after beautiful gemstones. And their names reflected their personalities. Now, the eldest and two younger ones had semi-normal names.

Amethyst was the eldest. Born 21 days before her twin sister. (The doctors took this as a sign that the girls were going to be extremely odd in the end.) She has dark raven black hair, beautiful light purple eyes. And she (as all the sisters do) has snow-white creamy skin that held no blemishes. Ever. 

The second eldest, Amethyst's twin, her name is Tiger'sEye. All one word, one first name. They were practically for one tiny detail... She had the same dark hair as her twin sister. She also had the same strange light purple eyes and skin. But her pupils were shaped like cats eyes. It was extremely unnerving to the doctors when they saw this. 

But, on to the next one. Emerald, born 16 months after her sister Tiger'sEye. She was just as beautiful as her two older sisters. She had the same eye and hair colours as they did, she also had the same complexion as they did. But she was the shyest and quietest of them all. 

Now, the final child, born 13 months after Emerald. Her name is Aquamarine. And she is practically a mini-me to Tiger'sEye. She learnt all she could about being just like her older sister by watching her, behaving like her, and even liking the thugs that she liked. 

The girls were in love with death and all things morbid. It was not strange to see this...well, at least in their family what they did wasn't strange. To others, they were persecuted against as Satanists. This could not have been further from the truth...

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