Freaks of Nature

So, this is about four sisters that lead not-so-normal lives. They were all named after a gemstone. All of them have a weird and wacky job that not many people are very interested in. The eldest; Amethyst is a mortician. The second eldest; Tiger'sEye is a coroner. The third; Emerald is a crime scene cleaner. And the last one; Aquamarine is a taxidermist. This is just a little bit about their lives and how they all came to be in grave danger. ***only yellow because of violence and gore and really awkwardly creepy scenes.***

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


2. My Wonderful Life

There was one memory that stook out to me from my senior year of high school last year and it went something like this...

"Amethyst!" A shrill feminine voice cried out in annoyance. It only took a second for me to realize that it was me screeching out my sister's name in that voice. 

A bunch of giggles rushed to my ears from outside my door.

I saw red. And I was going to act upon it all at once. 

I crept sneakily to my door and threw it open, thus dumping my twin sister; Amethyst and our two younger sisters; Emerald and Aquamarine onto the floor of my room that I (unfortunately) share with Ame. They looked up at me sheepishly and I growled in return. 

They started to sweat. They knew I was the worst of us all. And very mischievous with dark and sinister things. 

I growled menacingly. They shrunk back, trying to escape from my anger; to no avail. I lunged, and grabbed all three of them. 

"Think it's funny do you? You got rid of ALL MY CLOTHES!! AND STUCK ME WITH THIS...THIS PREPPY PINK CRAP!!!!" I screamed out in anger, wearing nothing but a white towel, fresh out of the shower. And I was howling mad at them. 

They could see it and they flinched away from me in fear. 

"Tiger'sEye... Let's not be rash about something." Aquamarine was saying as they tried to sneak away from me. 

"Don't. Even. Try. It!" 

They stopped at that. 

"Ti..." Amethyst sighed. 

"My. Bloody. Clothes." 

"Ummm...." Emerald said. 


"We...." Amethyst started. "Kind of... Sort of..."


"Donatedthem..." She finished fast, trying to keep me from hearing her properly. 

"YOU DID WHAT?! THAT'S IT!!! YOU DIE TODAY!!!!" And with that battle cry, I attacked, going for their necks with a vengeance. 

Just as I was about to finish them off, with them wearing the comfortable black and grey that we all wear, a call of, "GIRLS!!" Stopped me from my bittersweet revenge. 

They saw their opportunity and ran off to our mother who had just called us. 

Grumbling and growling, I made my way downstairs in my soaking towel and doused hair. "Yes, Mum?" I asked tightly. 

Then, I saw that she had a visitor. A rather cute MALE visitor at that. Well, that's just wonderful...

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