Freaks of Nature

So, this is about four sisters that lead not-so-normal lives. They were all named after a gemstone. All of them have a weird and wacky job that not many people are very interested in. The eldest; Amethyst is a mortician. The second eldest; Tiger'sEye is a coroner. The third; Emerald is a crime scene cleaner. And the last one; Aquamarine is a taxidermist. This is just a little bit about their lives and how they all came to be in grave danger. ***only yellow because of violence and gore and really awkwardly creepy scenes.***

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


7. A Story Long Forgotten

I voiced my questions aloud to my husband. "How did I NOT know who you were?! It's not possible!" 

He smirked at me and said, "It's called magic, sister dearest." 

Excuse me? Sister? What drugs is he on?! He was really getting on my nerves. 

"I'm not your bloody sister. I am your wife. And no matter what, I love you. And our children."

"Oh, but you are. You see, God created twins. One boy. One girl. Now, they were not genetically the same through and through. Aside from the gender difference, they were meant to yoked together in holy matrimony. They were meant to bring peace and love to the people of Earth and rule there for their Father."

I felt a sharp pain in the back of my mind and images were forced to the front of my thoughts. I saw us as children. 

"But that had seemingly fallen out of possibility when the young boy thought himself better than God Himself. So, as punishment for trying to take over and create devilish works, that boy was thrown out of Heaven."

We were teens now. I saw him thrown from Heaven. Heard my screams and felt my tears as I ran after him, only to be caught in the warm embrace of my father. 

"The girl, now her story is amazing. She was meant to never remember anything about the boy. Nothing. Not even the story I'm retelling to you. But, she still left Heaven with three of her closest friends. Her "identical twin" sister, and her two younger sisters." He spat at that. "But they were put in the bodies of four children, children of devote prophets of The Lord. And it took no more than a decade for the boy to find her."

I remember deciding to leave, making the choice to help those who needed it. To gift my parents with the joys of children. 

"He had been searching for millennia, always ending without her by his side. The one person he'd ever truly love. And when he found her, she had been raised as a proper Christian and was living for their Father."

I remembered my baptism, my church. My last Christmas with my parents. 

"He, however, had become the leader and destructor of lives and sin. He was in charge of the most feared illegal group there could ever be. The Russian Mafia. And she hadn't the foggiest idea about it. Then, the man slipped up. And now she had caught him. But, back to the story."

I saw the body I had done the autopsy on and tears were flowing down my face quickly and steadily now. 

"It shook them to the bone when they met up again. He chased her for a long time, she resisted him for an exceeding amount of time. Until, one day she accepted him and they soon wedded. Had two children, and are standing here looking at each other with love in their eyes." 

I stared at him, knowing every word he just said was true. 

"The, man now wants nothing more than to stay and love his wife. To hold her in his arms. To tell her returning will be okay. And to beg her forgiveness." He knelt to the ground on both of his knees with a pained and pleading look on his face. "What say you, my love?"

My sisters pulled my son from my vice grip and pushed him behind us. I fell to the ground and touched his face slowly. 

He leaned into my touch. 

Aqua made it out. She just contacted me. What a time. 

But I ignored her and focused on my husband. "Love... I...."

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