The Babysitter

Marnie is your usual 'hoodlum' who disrespects her mom in ways. She is told not to hang out with the people that she does, but she does it anyways. Well her mom ends up going on a business trip for a couple of months and she hires a babysitter. Her mom doesn't allow boys in the house but she hires Zayn Malik to be her babysitter and she leaves. Marnie's boyfriend Luke gets jealous but ends up going on tour, leaving Zayn and her alone but Zayn has a girlfriend, will she get in the way? Will things happen between her and Zayn? What will happen when she meets the other lads? Read and find out!!


4. Chapter 4

I wake up the next morning, so glad it is Friday and I take a quick shower, get dressed, and I go to school.

I show up and I go inside and I am greeted by Luke but he doesn’t pick me up he just walks over and kisses me. “Hi.” I say, a little awkwardly. “Babe, we need to talk.” He says and I shake my head. “You want to break up don’t you?” I ask but he shakes his head. “Actually I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out after school today, at my house, home alone.” He says, sliding his arm around my waist and winking. “Just for a little while.” I say and he smiles and kisses me.

He threw a party, I come over and he starts inviting people over and soon there a house full of people and I can’t find Luke anywhere but I do run into Michael, a very drink, flirtatious Michael. “Hi Marnie.” He slurs and puts his arms around me. “Michael, let me go.” I say and he starts leaning in and I push him away and I go out back to the pool. As soon as I got out there, someone jumped in and splashed me, I am now soaked. I curse and I find Luke in the back, sitting with a few of his friends and I walk up to him. “Hey babe.” He says, standing up and grabbing my hand, I smell the alcohol on his breath. “Babe, let’s go upstairs.” He says, picking me up over his shoulder and walking upstairs. As soon as we get up there, he starts kissing me. I throw my arms around him and I start kissing him. He picks me up and flattens me against a wall. He starts pulling his shirt up but is interrupted by the loud cracking noise of the door. I look around Luke and standing there is Zayn. “Hey love.” He says nonchalantly. “What are you doing here?” Luke asks. “Coming to get Marnie because it is three in the morning and she needs to be home in bed.” Zayn says, strolling over and grabbing my hand. “You are not taking my girl.” Luke slurs out. “Oh but I am.” Zayn says, pulling me along behind him and I yank my hand away. Zayn sighs and picks me up over his shoulder and carries me out of Luke’s house.

The drive home was silent and when we get there, I get out and slam the door and I stomp inside. Zayn grabs my wrist and I turn and my face is only inches from his. “I told you what I was here for.” He says, not letting go of my wrist. “Yeah, to ruin my life!” I say, yanking away my wrist and walking upstairs.

I hear a knock on my door and I sigh and get up and Zayn is standing there. “I am not trying to ruin your life; I am trying to save it.” He says quietly, slipping into my room without asking. “Get out.” I say but I just go and lay down on my bed. He lies next to me and rubs my back. “Why can’t you just listen to me? You could have been raped tonight, your boyfriend was drunk.” He says and I nod. “I know but I am strong.” I say and he chuckles lightly. “He is big; I don’t think you can push him off of you.” He says and I giggle. I look up at him and he smiles and then he leans down and kisses my forehead. “Thank you.” I say and he smiles and I sit up and I hug him. “I just want you safe.” He whispers and I look into his eyes and I could tell he was telling the truth. “Get some sleep, I know you are tired.” He says and I lie back down and I watch him leave and I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Zayn is sooooo sweet -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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